The Bruce debate

Can Bruce be the star of the show on the stage?

Due to our poor December, a lot of fans on social media have been calling for Dr Tony to sack current manager Steve Bruce. In this article, I will go through some strengths and some weaknesses of these fans arguments that are asking for Bruce to be sacked.


First of all, we have to remember that Bruce is an experienced Championship manager and has got teams promoted in the past, winning more promotions than any other manager in the Championship.

There are a very little amount of managers in the Championship nowadays that know how to get clubs promoted and Bruce is one of them, showing it with his great proven track record.

Bruce has had a lot of bad luck with injuries and some would argue amongst the worst in the Championship. This season he has had injuries to some of his most important players like Jonathan Kodjia, Mile Jedinak and the player he claimed he wanted to build his team around, Jack Grealish.

Despite this, we still find ourselves in and around the playoffs. Imagine what he could do with a full-strength side.


Although Bruce has the record to get teams out of the division, so far, he has struggled and it is looking a harder challenge for the manager than he first thought.

The main reason Bruce is under fire from Villa fans is his lack of attacking tactics and possible overuse of ‘boring and defensive football’. He doesn’t like to attack as much as other managers do and it results in him getting a lot of stick.

Could Mellberg replace Bruce?Sometimes this tactic pays off, but sometimes it can go terribly wrong. Bruce’s decision to play two slow defensive midfielders in Glenn Whelan and Jedinak in a game that would have been difficult in the midfield department left the faithful shock and the decision ended up in the team losing 2-1 to Brentford.

Bruce also seems all too quick to playing players out of position. The prime example being Jedinak at centre-back when we have a ready-made fit Tommy Elphick available. Some would argue that the result against Sheffield United would have been different had he played the former Bournemouth defender.

The one thing that really bothers me is how he divides the fans. Some look for his faults while others can’t admit them. Regardless of what the future holds for Bruce, the next manager must be one that the majority of the fans are willing to get behind. A former legend in Olof Mellberg and Villa fan Dean Smith come to mind.

The debate goes on, Bruce in or out? No doubt it will continue to go on until the end of the season and the fate of the club is decided.

Make sure to think carefully before you express your opinions about Bruce, as a few results can easily sway opinions. Me? I’m in, for now, what about you?


  1. I am of course delighted with the win at Middlesborough but concerned that , reading between the lines, Bruce intended to play Jedanik at centre. back and also to select Whelan if he had not been taken ill for that match despite the poor performances of these two players in those positions in recent matches It does seem that Bruce clearly has favourites and will play them come what may even if they are badly out of form or playing out of position I fear that Bruce has not learnt any lessons from the disastrous December and will carry on with his team selection and tactics that have failed so badly in the past

  2. I look forward to the second part of the season with hope rather than expectation. Steve Bruce may fluke promotion with AV but what dire football will the fans have to put up with to achieve this? There is one thing for certain, if we do achieve promotion I fear for this group of players who will be well out of their depth, and for certain Steve Bruce will be sacked, he is not up to the job. Nice man that he is he will not jump, the financial benefits of being sacked whilst still in contract are such only a fool would do so.


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