Onomah or Grealish?

Grealish returned during the Festive period

Jack Grealish has finally made his long-anticipated return from a kidney injury that he picked up during the preseason. Manager Steve Bruce stated earlier this season that he build the side around the 22-year-old but with the acquisition of Josh Onomah on loan from Tottenham Hotspur where does, this leave Grealish?

I am a big fan of Grealish and feel he adds a little something to the team but I don’t believe he should be able to walk straight back into the starting 11. Partly down to how impressive Onomah has been. I feel it would be unfair on the midfielder and would also be a poor message to send out to the rest of the team.

Grealish does pop up with goals as he proved against the likes of Wigan and Rotherham last season but we must also remember that he is inconsistent. I am sure he will admit himself that he needs to do a lot more and being in the Championship is the perfect opportunity for him.


Onomah, for me, is a more consistent player and generally works himself into the ground. He has also chipped in with a couple of goals this season against Barnsley and Burton.

Onomah or Grealish?Another reason I prefer Onomah is that he gets back and gets stuck in with the defending aspect of the game, whereas I don’t think Grealish isn’t really that kind of player. This indicates to me that Onomah is more of an all-around player and plays a more instrumental role in the midfield than Grealish ever did.

I do think however that they would be a very good partnership if they were playing together but that means dropping either Adomah or one of the central midfielders.

Adomah is on form at the moment so I wouldn’t drop him and if Whelan or Hourihane were dropped then our midfield would not have enough balance. It would be far too attacking which would leave the defence exposed and that’s the last thing we need whilst Terry is injured.

Personally, I would stick with Onomah over Grealish until he makes it impossible to leave him out. What are your thoughts on the two youngsters?



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