Away days – Pirelli Stadium, Burton


Aston Villa is set to take their full allocation of 1,580 supporters for the short trip up the A38 for Tuesday night’s fixture against Burton Albion at the Pirelli Stadium.

The Pirelli Stadium has been the home of Burton Albion since 2005 when they moved into their newly build stadium from Elton Park – where they had played since 1950.

The stadium is made up of four stands, with only one of them having seated facilities. The capacity is 6,912 (2,034 seated).

The Away Supporters

The away supporters are housed in the Coors East Stand at one end of the ground where just over 1,400 supporters housed. Depending on demand a further 400 seats are also made available in the Main Stand.

As you would expect with most new stadiums, the views are pretty good with no supporting pillars restricting views.

Alcohol is available in the away end depending on fan behaviour but will close 30 minutes prior to kick-off. The away supporters have their own little bar with beers costing around £4.

A range of pies, burgers, hot dogs and confectionery are also available. All food is cooked and served fresh so there may be queues at busy periods.

I need a pre-match pint!

The Beech Inn is close to the Pirelli Stadium.There are plenty of options for away supporters to drink around the Pirelli Stadium, however, some require colours to be covered up while overs don’t allow children.

The Beech Inn is said to be a favourite due to its large car parking facilities. It is located around a 10-minute walk away from the ground up the Derby Road.

Closer to the ground is the Great Northern which is situated just 2 minutes from the ground on the Wetmore Road. This is a great option for those who enjoy an ale or two.

Those arriving by train will have a few options closer to the station that includes the Roebuck Inn, Devonshire Arms, Coopers Tavern and the Last Heretic micropub.

How do I get there?

If you are driving then head up the A38 until you arrive at Princess Way in Burton upon Trent and then follow the signs towards the Pirelli Stadium.

The train from Birmingham New Street will take you around 30 minutes to Burton train station. The station is then around a 25-minute walk to the ground.


Car parking is available at the Pirelli Stadium for 400 vehicles but arrives early as it usually fills up pretty quickly as you would expect.

More parking is available at the Pirelli Factory, just off the Derby Road for a price of just £3. The Beech Inn pub has parking available for £5 while Eton Park Junior School offer parking for £4.

Extra Information

If you have Twitter then it is well worth following the official WMP Villa FC account. PC Stuart Bladen usually tweets live updates throughout the day.

Discuss the latest goings on at Aston Villa on our forums.



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