EFL clubs including Aston Villa have indicated that they would be interested in closing the transfer window earlier, just like the Premiership from next season.

There was a meeting yesterday that involved all 72 clubs and it was decided that the final decision will be put to a formal vote in February next year. Changes could then be made in time for the 2018 summer transfer window.

Although the EFL is under no obligation to make such changes, the EFL outlined an approach that would be slightly different to the Premier League transfer window.

Harvey said clubs are for a shorter transfer window.Permanent transfers would have a shorter window which could see the window close before the season started – just like the Premier League but clubs would be able to continue to sign players on loan until the traditional end of the window on August 31st. The clubs supported this idea.

EFL Chief Executive Shaun Harvey said:

“Today was all about understanding a direction of travel in what is a hugely emotive matter not only for clubs and managers but supporters as well. The clubs have been clear in their mandate and we will now go away and look to develop a set of proposals before moving this matter on to the next stage, which would be a formal vote in order to change our regulations.”

Pro’s and cons

There are pros and cons to changing the transfer window in my opinion. If done correctly then they could close it the Saturday before the season starts and make it even bigger than it currently is. It would help with fans getting excited about the new season. I am pretty sure they do something similar in America Football with the drafts – I they call it? I am sure some of you will know a lot more about it that I do.

The cons are that if the rest of Europe doesn’t follow suit then it could put English clubs at a disadvantage. Let’s say for example next summer Aston Villa is back in the big time, big spending and attracting the very best players across the globe (Yes, one can dream).

The transfer window closes and then Real Madrid purchases the next big thing and decides to cash in on Gareth Bale. If the window is closed in England then it would mean that English clubs could lose out on a player of Bale’s caliber.

As I say one can dream but this could happen and would ultimately be a massive disadvantage to English football.

One thing is for sure, the clubs all seem for it so it looks almost certain to happen.

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