Does Bruce need to go?

No.1's record comes close to Steve Bruce.

I know that my opinion is going to differ to many others but when we are talking about such a controversial topic not everyone will have the same mindset so I will put across my point on whether Steve Bruce should be sacked or not.

After a very disappointing start to the season (Which saw us 10 points behind the first-place Cardiff after only 5 games), many people have questioned whether Bruce is the right man to take the Villa forward. In fact, with the betamerica promo code, they will give you very good odds on the former Hull manager being sacked.

Are Bruce's days numbered?On Saturday, we came up against a struggling Brentford in a game that we should have easily won. The performance was unacceptable and in the post-match interview Bruce blamed himself and went on to say “I could have Boo’d Myself”. This has forced much more people to think that the poor start to the season should see the end of Bruce’s reign.

I know that there are many people who know better than me but from a 16-year-old fan who hasn’t missed a home league game for 7 years, I can honestly say that this is not the end of the world. In my view, there have been worse performances, especially when Remi Garde was at the helm.

Bruce IS the right man for the job. Allow me to ask you, the readers, a question. If Tony Xia was to sack Steve Bruce then who do you bring in?

The names of Roy Hodgson, David Moyes and Alan Pardew have been floating about but what have these men got that Bruce hasn’t? I know that ultimately he is the man who decides who is on the pitch and the tactics that the team has to play but at the end of the day, he simply isn’t to blame when a player has a bad game.

Bruce can’t control the lack of goals going in, he can’t control defensive errors, he can’t control poor passes. If he could control any of these things then we would win the league every season, even the Premier League.

No one in the country can deny that the former Hull manager has an incredible record. He has more promotions to the first division than any other manager and he is raring to increase his promotion tally with Aston Villa.


On a side note, I am urging people not to boo the team off at half time. What does it achieve? Booing at full time is slightly more understandable, but at half time – when the game isn’t close to being over – it’s ridiculous. The players know when they haven’t performed and I am sure that Bruce will remind them.

To summarize, I think that Bruce should remain the manager of Aston Villa. I think that if we aren’t up there by Christmas then Bruce will rightly be looking over his should but for now, I think we as fans need to get off his back a little bit and give the lads a little more time to get the performances right.


  1. I sense Mr Bruce has one tried and tested formula, which is quite basic in it’s concept. If it doesn’t work, he’s flummoxed.

    His singings have been mediocre to poor and his squad balance is dire – heavily right sided.

    His past record is good, but I feel time has caught up on him and younger managers have more ideas and bravery to make a difference.

  2. I’ve looked at Bruce’s career and I believe that at a small club like Birmingham city, wigan and hull he actually looks good and manages to get the results put him in charge of aston villa however and he simply cannot live with the expectation of the club , villa fans in my opinion have a right to feel the way they/we do and have been very patient considering the style of football that is being served up I mean it’s one thing playing dour football but getting the results you want but dour football and no results I’m sorry but it doesn’t sit well with me as a lifelong villa supporter watching that , its his job (bruce) to make sure this team delivers week for week , I don’t expect to win every single game but I do expect the performance and attitude to be right and should make sure he demands he played for Ferguson for gods sake ,he should know first hand about big club expectation, your looking over your shoulder big boy sort it out ,you know what’s coming otherwise.

  3. You reference Garde as a worse case than Bruce. Exactly how much money did Garde get to spend on the team or have spent on it ? Bruce has virtually had a whole new team, 44 games in charge and still no idea of what formation to play or who to play. If we sacked SB now i’d love us to try and get Laurent Blanc (ex PSG manager).

  4. Wilko Villa

    How about making Steve Bruce General Manager and bringing in younger more modern thinking coach similar to Joe Mercer and Malcolm Allison. S B steers the team but the younger coach works with the player’s, instilling a modern attack minded team, because after abysmal Cardiff, Reading displays, we improved against Norwich and Wigan and now back to S. B. making poor excuse’s after Saturday’s dismal performance. I wouldn’t sack S.B. yet but he does seem to lack idea’s and motivation and these are his player’s so give him a limited time to work it out, after all he is only here to get promotion, if he achieves it, then a new manager will be required for the Premier League.

  5. give him time, give him time, give him time, fgs, thats all i hear, just how much time does he need, he has rebuilt his own team, a team that still can not play as a team, and i dont think they ever will under sb. i really think he should go, whilst we still have time to put it right for this season.


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