Next decision could dictate Xia reign

Can Xia ensure Villa's promotion next season?

When Doctor Tony Xia purchased Aston Villa from Randy Lerner for a reported £76million in June 2016 he gave Villa supporters some much needed new found hope.

He promised to return the club to where they belong, the Premier League and change the whole face of a club that had forgotten the fans and its heritage.

Xia purchased the club from LernerThe Chinese businessman has been at the club for a little over a year now and he has made some improvements at the club for the better.

His openness on his official Twitter page is welcomed by the majority of Aston Villa supporters. Xia has brought in a team to work along side him who understand what the club and fans need – from the outside anyway.


A new ticketing system has been installed and although it has had its problems, I believe it will be a success over time. He has backed his managers financially to rebuild the team to enable us a swift return to the big team.

The introduction of the Fans Consultation Group has enabled supporter clubs and fan sites to express their worries of the fans to club officials. I could go on.

Xia has his own team in place.The problem with all these positives is that it will stand for nothing if it doesn’t work on the football pitch. All the positives are often forgotten at football clubs all around the world if it isn’t working on a match day.

I am 31 years old and have never experienced major success as a Villa fan but the feeling I had of believing we could beat anyone when Martin O’Neill was in charge is something I miss desperately.

The sad thing about it all is the football is more of an inconvenience on a football day out with your friends and family. Crowds are dropping as many predicted with just over 29,000 at Villa Park yesterday.

Xia has a big decision to make and it could ultimately dictate his reign as owner of our once famous football club.

Should Xia sack Bruce or back him?

Most fans are discussing when Bruce will get his marching orders not if. Then there is the question of who replaces him? Plenty of supporters on fan forums and social media have their own views but no-one knows what the answer is.

I was wrong about LambertI will hold my hand up and admit that I thought Paul Lambert would be a good appointment and he would return us to better times. I was wrong.

I believed that there was no other option to Steve Bruce when asked who would take us back to the promise land. It is looking increasingly like I am wrong again.

I don’t know the answers and have no opinions anymore. I simply don’t know so I dread to think what Dr. Xia and his team are thinking right now.

One thing is for sure – he needs to back Bruce or move him on and quickly before it is too late and this decision could ultimately make him or break him in the eyes of Aston Villa supporters.


  1. I have mixed feelings about MON . I was warned by a few Scotish fans that he would not be good for us & in the end it came true as he left us with aload of criples & a squad that was not good enough to replace his starting 11.
    But the rot really started when Lerner moved back to the States & MON left . What has followed may well be what happened behind the scenes & only partly revealed by the interim board .
    Lambert might have sorted us if he’d been allowed the players he wanted, & not been hamstrung by allowing family matters to impinge on himself & the club . But that’s long past but maybe a few scars remain
    But the biggest issue is that each new manager brings a change in players & tactics . But Backroom staff remain yet it’s taken untill Bruce to sort out Gabbby’s fitness issues & he’s not the only one who should have had more help , as Albrighton was another

  2. Good article and personally I absolutely agree now is definitely the time to sack or back we are fast running out of time and if we don’t get promotion this term things will get a whole lot worse mainly because we will loose our best players. So yes do it after Tuesday night SACK or BACK.

  3. I am not for sacking managers without giving them every opportunity to succeed, SB has had 9 months, plenty of money and now has a team of players he wants. All the players brought in were at the top of their game, but have failed to perform at Villa the players sold have improved at their new clubs. It seems a mystery? But the one common denominator in all this is SB and the Villa coaching staff. SB is well known for his tactical ineptitude so it’s over to yo Dr Xia.

  4. Its looking more likely that we will get another manager before too long which is part of the bigger problem. If Bruce goes that will be five or six managers/coaches since MON. That’s the problem really it means some of our talented young players have played under so many different systems it really must be confusing with the lack of stability. I am old enough to remember Alex Ferguson joining Man U from Aberdeen and he had an awful start and was facing the boot when suddenly it clicked and look how that finished. Same with Howard Kendall at Everton. However the problem now its a results today game not the past and we cannot wait for the future. It must be Hell playing at Villa Park with the moaners and boo boys imagine some of the young players and how that effects them. If the attendance figures are going to drop lets hope its the moaning boo boys that stay away and then perhaps this soul destroying toxic atmosphere might just disappear.

  5. I have watched Aston Villa from hey days to the pay days, from Division 1 to Division 3 to the Premier League to the Championship, I remember as 13year old in the Holte End when a 4-2 defeat by Everton in 67 sent us down, as a 19 year old driving to Rochdale on a miserable Saturday in January 1973 only to find Villa had taken 6,000 fan and the ground only held 5,000, got in with 15 min’s to go when we broke the exit doors down and then got beat in the last min on a Penalty etc. etc. etc.
    Now all through the years I can not remember any player who has scored 3 goals in 36 appearances being classified as a Striker and when a manager buys a 33 year old Midfielder, a 36 year old Centre Half and a 33 year old Centre Half and then plays him as a Striker it demonstrates SB does not know what he is doing. I would get rid of him as soon as possible but the sad fact is, who’s available and who wants the Villa Job?
    Lots of stuff to sort out, Gabby, Hutton, Whelan, Samba, McCormack we have loan players at Goalkeeper and full back all major problems for the future and not much to look forward to in the short term. Grealish and Kodja may improve things but SB has us between a rock and a hard place at the moment.
    X Factor show begins


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