Away matches to be shown at Villa Park?


It was brought to my attention on the forums that one of the benefits listed when signing up for a new season ticket this season states that there could be away match viewings at Villa Park next season.

There has been a lot of talk about since the season ended that supporters of EFL clubs overseas would be able to subscribe to a viewing service for their team providing the game didn’t feature on television and many, including myself, questioned what they had planned for supporters in the UK?

Well, it seems that Aston Villa could be planning something that could please a lot of supporters whoAway games to be streamed at Villa Park next season? purchase season ticket’s next season. The full list of benefits is:

  • All new loyalty scheme
  • Brand new junior membership for all U16 Season ticket holders
  • Access to £1 junior tickets for specified games
  • Discount on upgrades for corporate hospitality (subject to availability)
  • Access to bolt-on seasonal car park package
  • First home cup game free of charge
  • Access to Away match viewings to be held at Villa Park
  • Access to exclusive lounges at Villa Park on matchdays
  • Access to Cup & Away schemes
  • Entry to U23 and Youth home games
  • Entry to Ladies home games
  • Exclusive retail opportunities
  • Access to AVTV
  • Priority access to away & cup tickets
  • Dedicated account manager
  • New sophisticated smart card
  • Bring a friend scheme**

Now, of course, there will be some that see this as a good thing and some that see this as a bad thing.

Those who travel regularly with Aston Villa don’t have issues in getting tickets and rightly so. The more games you go to, the more you should rightly be rewarded but what about those who can’t make every away game due to finances, work and other commitments?

Another question to ask about this benefit is, could this effect our followings on the road next season? I personally don’t think it will as Villa have a good loyal away following who enjoy the whole away day experience.

One way to prevent this could be that the club only streams away games at Villa Park for games that have sold out the full allocation. That way it shouldn’t affect ticket sales.

The club has certainly got people on our forum talking and will no doubt clarify exactly what this will be in due course. I think it could prove to be a hugely popular idea. It is a way for fans who can’t get tickets to still meet up with friends and watch the game of a match day.



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