I spent a lot of this week with my head in my hands for a variety of different reasons and it wasn’t all Villa. There are plenty of things happening throughout the world to make one feel exasperated but two losses in the space of a few days were really frustrating as well as jarring sharply with the tone of my blog last week.

In that, I spoke excitedly about the future of the club with the recent good run of form and how I felt perhaps this really could be the start of the good times again.Bree and Bruce have a big say in Villa's future.

I would like to say immediately that I am still optimistic the current leadership and crop of players will bring success to Villa next season and beyond but I freely admit I did perhaps get too carried away.

Since that blog, we lost 3-1 twice against Reading and Fulham respectively. Disappointing to say the least for a Villa fan.

The crux of last week’s blog was that if we could keep the good form going then we would be doing a lot of good work already in preparation for a promotion push next year.

The end of this season does not need to have a significant bearing on next year’s campaign. I think if we stutter to the finish it will not necessarily mean we cannot mount a significant push for promotion I just think it would do the world of good for this group of players to get used to winning together.

We were hard done by with two games in such a short time frame as Bruce has said himself but the more points we can pick up at the tail end of this season the better.

It is easy to think there is not much left for us to play for. We are not going up and we are not going down. However if you look at the mindset of those teams who will just miss out on promotion this year and those who come down from the prem, there are positives to be taken from our position.

Those who just miss out will be exhausted and deflated, an attitude we can avoid by finishing strongly. Those coming down from the Prem could also suffer as we have this season, something we now have had a year to get used to.

There are plenty of reasons why we must try and keep up the good performances to the end of the season. Above all, it could have a really positive impact on our start next year.

What better team to get back on track against than the enemy? Villa vs Blues. Bring it on.


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