There is no miracle cure for Aston Villa Football Club. Managers have come and gone, players have been in and out of the club like yo-yos and even the owner has been changed. Whilst some have provided a temporary bandage, no-one has as yet brought the resurgence that we as fans so desperately crave.

Managers pick teams that win football matches but it is the players themselves who are ultimately the holders of a game’s destiny. With a change in transfer policy that has seen Aston Villa purchase established and ‘ready-made’ recruits rather than promising, inexperienced players, it is right to wonder why the team is not performing on the pitch.

I’ve previously discussed the absence of Jedinak as a key factor as to why we are losing matches. The lack of a defensive midfielder has resulted in a soft centre that has seen the Villans concede sixteen goals in 2017. Shoring up the midfield, making us harder to be broken down, will stop us losing so many games.

The other key factor is time. Expecting players’ transition from one club to go smoothly and for them to gel immediately is somewhat unrealistic, considering many have come from steady club environments, rich with spirit and understanding of team-mates and their style of football. With time comes an opportunity for increased cohesion and the chance to create a team spirit and unity which pulls a team together even in its darkest times. The comaradery and bond that can come from fighting until the end and doing everything possible to change the current situation could be invaluable.

What I’m most looking forward to seeing is performances improving. When we have the right balance to the team and the players have gelled, we will be a real force to be reckoned with. Project Aston Villa is a work in progress. I think most fans have written this season off so let’s focus on building a team, playing with pride and trusting in the club and manager that things will come good.

It’s not as if we aren’t creating chances. There are new partnerships in attack and in midfield and players are still adjusting and getting used to each other. We’ve been unlucky not to score more goals and in a parallel universe we may have been out of sight before other teams could take their chances against us. The lack of goal-scoring form doesn’t worry me. The players in the team are too good for this to be of major concern and they will get it right sooner rather than later.


  1. Time isn’t the problem ,there’s is a fundimental problem at Aston villa that stops managers from being able to bring a team together even with all the transfers in and out of the club .asking for time for the new members to gel is in a way a requirement and most fans. Do have the patients and understanding .what we cant understand is why five managers over five year still have the same issues when it comes to tactics team formations and defending and being able to perform for ninth minutes and not just the 30minutes we get each game ,a lack of team spirit has been evident no matter who has been in charge and this is again evident even after moving out some of the bad eggs ,this in my opinion is a managment issues the lack of man management is very much a problem .all the top teams have a manager that knows how to get the best out of each character in his squad this has been missing for some time now ,it’s sad to have to say this but Bruce is struggling to understand this basic need when it comes to his team …………prepared is our motto and successive managers have not been preparing our teams properly for each game .is Bruce falling into the same trap ……….I think so because his reputation is more important than grand picture not. What the club is trying to achieve .

  2. There is no time, teed off with all of this give him time crap 6 points above the drop zone just how much time do you think we have. All of this down to clueless Bruce Dr Tony however is a good business man and he will know that this can’t continue, loose to Derby and I reckon Bruce will be gone. And for me the sooner the better.


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