It’s all very depressing


For a certain type of person, life is very depressing at the moment.

At times when the wider world feels like a very scary place from which one wants to escape, it is lovely to be able to turn to something which is, in the grand scheme of things, relatively unimportant but which can nonetheless provide a sense of release.

For me, and I know I will be speaking for most of the people reading this, this used to be football.

At the moment, the sport, and specifically having to be a fan of Aston Villa Football Club, is not helping ease my negative sense of the world. Instead, it is perpetuating it.

For anyone who doesn’t like Donald Trump and does like Aston Villa, there seems to be no hope at the moment.

I am using the example of Donald Trump to epitomise all that’s wrong with the world at the moment. It seems to be a place of hatred, anger, violence and fear.

While these emotions don’t need to take over, just acknowledging their prominence is enough to dampen the mood of anyone who believes in caring for everyone.

It is, however, crucial not to be switched on the entire time. We all need our releases. We all need to escape from time to time and sport is a brilliant way to do it – if your team is winning.

I am aware that there are teams doing worse than ours in the country, although not many have had such a rotten 2017 so far.

It is very difficult not to put more and more pressure on the next game, particularly when we keep losing.

So it does not help that we next play away, against the league leaders, having not won in seven.

On the other hand, we have to keep hoping.

More and more pressure piles on the next game with each loss but when the win eventually comes, it could be like lancing a boil: the relief will be great and the health of our league position will then hopefully improve.

The current situation is startlingly precarious and I can’t help thinking that the results remain bad because of the concern that it could get worse, which inevitably leads to just that.

So bring on Newcastle United next Monday. By that time we could be right in amongst the relegation battlers.

So for those struggling to find any positives in the world today, we have to keep hoping. A Villa win could make things feel a lot better.


  1. Get of Kodjia back, he’s the only player in the team capable of scoring a goal, if you need to get on someone’s back try Bruce, he’s the coach and is just getting away with rubbish. Relegation coming up fast.

  2. When you have been through it as many times as I have I can remember division 1 and 2 struggles and division 3 the faith is everything and we stay strong I also remember 1981 /82 /83 keep the faith


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