Two wins in a row were more than welcome but achieving them was not exactly comfortable. Although I am not complaining about the results, it would be good to see a bit more daylight between us and our opponents so fans are given a slightly easier ride.

What better time to register a comfortable win than against our great rivals Birmingham City this weekend?

Earlier this year we beat Rotherham 3-0. Last season we only managed one win with a two goal margin, a 2-0 home win against Norwich City. Indeed, I could only find one example of such a league win the season before when we beat Sunderland 4-0.

It is no secret that securing wins has been a problem of ours for a long time.

The vicious cycle means that while the team cannot go two goals ahead the fans get more and more nervous, which affects the players and makes another goal less and less likely and increases the likelihood of heartbreak.

Perhaps we have some momentum now that will assist us in killing games off.

The money we have spent on strikers and the firepower we have in our squad should really bring us more goals. A comfortable win again the Blues with a variety of goalscorers would be such a sweet result.

I would like to emphasise that I am not trying to put a dampener on our current form. I am incredibly excited that we finally seem to be going in a more positive direction; I am just thinking of my heart and health.

While we only lead by one goal, I am sure you will all agree there are not many experiences more stressful.

As has been said on this site many times before, confidence breeds confidence.

Two wins in a row will do the players the world of good. A comfortable win this weekend would increase their confidence no end.

Despite this nervousness, I am now more and more confident that the wins will accumulate, the chances will be converted and the progress will come.

Ultimately, if I have to take the wins by painful one goal margins then of course I would. If possible, it would be good to see a few more games in the bag early on. That’s what the best teams do. Let’s be one of the best.


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