Tim Sherwood isn’t the man to replace Roberto Di Matteo

Di-Matteo struggled in the Championship

The public outpouring of love of former manager Tim Sherwood is too much for me to take. Sherwood may have been regarded as the club’s saviour once upon a time and he may have taken us to an FA Cup final but, looking beyond that, he is a manager who is just as tactically inept as Roberto Di Matteo was during his short spell in charge.

The Italian was sacked this morning after a poor start to the season. Assistant manager Steve Clarke will take the reins temporarily.

Already, many names have been thrown into the hat by fans, who all have their own views who the next man at the helm should be. One name that keeps cropping up is Tim Sherwood’s.

I remember him being nicknamed ‘Tactics Tim’, with a lot of his choices being risks that never really paid off.

When he came to B6, his personality won fans over and he did give the club a lift. Let’s not forget that his impact was short-lived. He gave us a boost when Paul Lambert departed then left us in arguably a worse position than he found us in when he was eventually relieved of his duties last October.

The memories of the good times are what make fans want Tim Sherwood back, although I believe those fans are short-sighted. He created good one liners that people can still remember and his animation on the touchline was infectious at times but he was ultimately a manager incapable of adapting.

When Plan A wasn’t going well for Sherwood there was no Plan B. Isn’t that what we have witnessed this season with Roberto Di Matteo (if he even had a Plan A, that is)?

Why would those involved in a new regime at Aston Villa Football Club bring back a manager who was part of the worst season in Aston Villa’s recent history? The suggestion that they would be wise to do so doesn’t make much sense.

Fans can love a manager’s personality but it is pretty pointless being charismatic without the ability to work efficiently and get results. Every fan could show the passion on the touchline that Tim Sherwood did but not many of us could get the tactics right.

I loved the passion Sherwood seemingly had for our club but I hated his tactics at times. We can all remember Leicester away last season, when we were 1-2 up and ended up losing 3-2 due to his poor tactical decisions.

We are in a sorry state right now but desperate times do not call for as desperate a measure as bringing Sherwood back to Aston Villa Football Club. Whether some sections of the support adore him or not, his return would only, at best, mean an initial bounce. Risks need to be take – but not one on the scale of reinstating Tim Sherwood. There are far better options available to Dr Tony Xia and Keith Wyness.

Sherwood rescued us through pure grit and passion, helped by Christian Benteke. Benteke’s long gone and an animated presence on the touchline is not enough in the Championship.

Sherwood’s squad selections were bizarre at the best of times, with Kieran Richardson preferred to Jordan Amavi amongst others. Di Matteo’s were bizarre also, as we saw when Ross McCormack and Aaron Tshibola were benched against Preston North End.

Sherwood is not the man to take us forward, let alone back to the Premier League.

Men like Gary Rowett, Dean Smith, Lee Johnson and David Wagner, even Steve Bruce and Mick McCarthy, seem far more appealing to me: they are capable and have proven their worth in the Championship with a variety of squads.

I sincerely hope that Dr. Tony Xia and his advisors realise that Tim Sherwood is a carbon copy of Roberto Di Matteo when it comes to tactics, even if large sections of the fan base don’t. Sherwood really isn’t the answer to the club’s many problems.


  1. Completely agree. The only people who could possibly want Sherwood to return to Villa Park are Bluenoses. He’s a failed manager who inspired some passion, very briefly however, at the club but who tactically is completely inept. I don’t want to see Villa drop to League One.

  2. While it’s up to the board, I actually would like to see Tactics Tim given a 2nd chance with a (arguably) stronger squad and money to spend. His hands were tied during his solitary transfer window, with RL unwilling to back him and selling the core of the team. As seen by Idrissa Gueye, perhaps the new signings just needed some time to adapt to the pace of the PL. Sure the start was bad, but I felt that the squad was primed for relegation last season no matter the manager.

    In whole, I think Tim did a pretty good job to keep us in the PL that season, and get us to a cup final. He might also be able to sort out Grealish yet again! Sure his tactical choices were indeed quite bizarre, but are you 100% sure that Steve Bruce would always pick the best (i.e.: what only you think) starting XI?


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