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Although Rémi Garde hasn’t been relieved of his duties at Villa Park, the rumour mill is in full swing. Many are speculating about who could replace the Frenchman if he is to be dismissed after his abysmal spell at B6. The media and fans are all talking about three managers in particular. Steve Bruce and Nigel Pearson are the names mentioned most frequently by media outlets whilst David Moyes’ name is on the lips of many fans who see the Scot as the man to lift Aston Villa Football Club out of hellish hole it is currently in.

Steve Bruce

I can’t see him at Aston Villa.

Steve Bruce has history with Aston Villa fans and the former Birmingham City manager is not afraid of the odd bit of conflict. His appointment would certainly split opinion amongst Villa fans. Many would argue that his ties with our cross city rivals are long forgotten given his ventures since but, for some, they would be hard to ignore.

Bruce is currently under contract at Hull City and considering the costs the Villa chairman is trying to cut it would seem strange to pull an average manager out of his current deal elsewhere. Doing so would be costly and Hull City’s officials would certainly drag their heels, whether or not the club’s in the Premier League next season. Furthermore, if Hull City were to be promoted, would Steve Bruce risk his reputation at Villa Park?

Tactically, Steve Bruce is not a great manager. He is a traditionalist and has often lost games because managers tweaked their tactics during games to counter Bruce’s style. It is a familiar story when you ask fans of clubs where the former Wigan manager has been in charge. Bruce’s style is high tempo, which is what Aston Villa needs, but he fails to exploit creative channels at times and it can cost him dearly. Moreover, it’s hardly an attractive style.

Nigel Pearson

This appointment would be a controversial one, although I can see it happening.

Nigel Pearson could be said to be the ideal candidate to step into the breach at Villa Park. The former Leicester manager created something out of nothing with the Foxes and turned what was an awful campaign into an incredible one.

Nevertheless, there was more controversy surrounding Nigel Pearson than Maria Sharapova. Pearson isn’t remembered for the great escape he engineered. Instead, he is remembered for pinning a player to the ground on the sidelines and for a bizarre altercation with a journalist during a press conference. Let’s not forget the Thai tour that ended his rule in the East Midlands.

The man nicknamed the ‘ostrich’ is a free agent and could be tempted by a move to a club wanting to return swiftly to the Premier League. His high tempo and ballsy systems could be a joy to watch, but could fans tolerate his arrogance and attitude?

The dynamism that Pearson would bring to the job could be what the Villans are crying out for. In a Twitter poll I conducted 62% of the responding fans said they do not want to see him in charge of Aston Villa Football Club.


David Moyes

Moyes would be a relatively safe option, but would he take a risk on a Championship side?

David Moyes has had a turbulent time since leaving Everton for Manchester United. His subsequent stint in Spain at Real Sociedad didn’t go to plan either and now he is looking to restore his tarnished reputation.

I believe that David Moyes would be most fans’ choice, with many wishing he had been appointed back in November. The Scot has got the credentials to sort Aston Villa out. He knows the Championship like the back of his hand.

Despite Moyes being an obvious choice, appointing him would surely be far trickier than most fans imagine. Fans can state that David Moyes needs a club like Aston Villa to build up his reputation again just as the Villans need someone to restore their reputation. To us, it is a win-win situation. However, with the manager’s job at Aston Villa being an increasingly poisoned chalice and given Lerner’s parsimonious approach to the transfer market, it might seem too big of a gamble for Moyes.

Who else is around? 

Mark Warburton’s name has been thrown into the mix, as has Aitor Karanka’s. For now, Garde is our manager and it remains to be seen who, if anyone, will replace the flailing Frenchman.

I do not think that the style of play matters too much with our next manager as long as we are winning games in the Championship. The Championship season is a long slog and we need someone who is able to stand up to the rigours of it. Whether that man is one of the managers mentioned here or someone else entirely, I will back him fully and pray for happier times.


  1. Everybody points to the results under Garde yet he has not been given the opportunity to bring in players to improve the squad . Folk also say that he’s no experience in promoting teams , yet he has an assistant , who he had appointed,& who is very experienced in the lower leagues , and that’s Eric Black !
    Some say he should play the youth , but why tarnish them with taking us down . Better to let those players we have prove they are worthy of been shown the door or being kept on, play until it is mathematically certain we can not stay up . Then perhaps we should see how good or not the youngsters are .
    I think Remi should be given the chance to prove himself capable with his own players
    But if not I’d go for Grayson as I agree with much of the above except perps folk are forgetting how long it took Moyes to get results with Everton & how he failed with ManU

  2. Rodgers would be my choice or maybe Moyes. The club needs a rebuild, hopefully without Lerner. The American idiot doesn’t know a goalpost from a corner flag and is the reason we are pathetic.

  3. Garry Monk will be a good idea, he is the type who will bring you back up and stick with you when you are there. He shouldn’t have been sacked from Swansea, he should of been allowed more time he would have had us (Swansea) clear of relegation much sooner if we stuck with him. I don’t think Rodgers will join you and Dyche is Burnley he won’t leave them or Karanka from ‘borough.


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