I’m a tired fan

Three owners during Levy's reign at Tottenham

This season has been a seemingly never-ending free fall from game week one. I wasn’t happy with our opening day win over A.F.C. Bournemouth and since then things have gone from bad to worse to intolerable.

I am nineteen but feel like an eighty-year-old! I have only ever known Aston Villa as a Premier League club. Lots of traditionalists will tell me that I haven’t experienced ‘proper football’ because of the football climate I have been raised in. I would tell them that I believe I have experienced it all. You only have to be twelve to remember the relatively good days at Villa Park.

I am incredibly worn out by this campaign. I have been engrossed in every aspect of Aston Villa Football Club since an early age and I have become even more attached to my first love as I’ve learned more about it and become more involved with it by attending home and away games, writing blog pieces and listening to the fans’ views on The Villa View.

I loved everything about the club until a few years ago, when things started turning sour. From standing outside at full time getting fans’ views, the attitude of many is quite clear. Everyone is physically drained, it seems, by the division between the club and its supporters, which has reached a boiling point during this catastrophic campaign.

The protests have come and gone, with one group all too easily appeased by the appointment of former player and manager Brian Little as an advisor. Is the appointment of Little just a public relations exercise? Was it done for reasons other than to appease fans? Other ideas for protests have been condemned as being irrelevant. Others still have been deemed non-starters. The fans are frustrated but we are all running out of superlatives, and even expletives, to use against the club.

Everyone is aggrieved by our plight and the current situation is dragging the Villa brand through the dirt. It’s causing damage that is potentially irreparable. The videos of fans tussling with stewards over ‘Lerner Out’ banners are distasteful. Things should not have been allowed to get to the stage where such banners are needed. I am tired of moaning about my beloved club. I am tired of ranting about individual players.

I have come to the realisation that nobody with any power at our club truly cares about our predicament. The club announced huge losses last week, yet there were no comments from anyone about those losses. Tom Fox should have been out on his ear.

Charlton Athletic fans protested against the owner yet again yesterday and the club responded with a statement. A statement may not be much but at least officials have acknowledged that the fans aren’t happy.

I went to Villa Park for yesterday’s game and wondered if a steward might eject me. Will I be penalised for writing about my beloved club and the state that it is currently in?

Years of neglect have driven fans to rip up season tickets, boycott games and refuse to buy official merchandise. Which other clubs witness endless negativity inside the ground from the first to the last minute of games? Not many. Aston Villa Football Club is not too big to go down but the current situation is one that the board, along with the prima donnas who are paid ludicrous wages to wear the famous claret and blue shirts, must take the flack for.

There is an acceptance of relegation from all parties now and I see no fight. The complete absence of passion will not entice fans to waste more money on their beloved club. I’d rather keep my money in my back pocket than give it to the crooks who are leading our club.

I am a tired fan. Aston Villa Football Club may as well be my flesh and blood and it is part of hundreds and thousands of other people’s lives too. We are all tired of fighting relegation and our own board.


  1. So like a lotta Villa fan s you’ve never seen the club relegated but you’ve also never seen a triumphant Villa ! Time perhaps to realise the real world where clubs do get relegated & prompted as has Villa on several occasions although never from the Prem .

    With all the losses it might seem the club has given up and to a certain degree it has ! This season was always going to be a gamble as with all the new players bought in last summer the club was attempting something that had not successfully been attempted in the Prem before . And that was to rebuild the squad and remain in the Prem . Clearly that has failed , because we no longer have a team ! And yes a team is made up of eleven players but 11 players does not always make a team as a team needs to have bonds between the players and some who can lead when others falter . It’s not that the players don’t care it’s because they lack leaders , and without leaders it takes time to recover from each mistake , time during which they frequently get punished some more .
    But mistakes happen & Blame is evil as it does not allow for mistakes to be corrected . Easy to say players should have been bought in January , but would we have found the right players ? Easy to say a new goalie & a striker but without leaders would they have been enough , or would it just been a case of throwing more good money after bad ?
    Something is certainly wrong at Villa and it’s all too easy to blame Lerner , but without his money where would the club be ? Certainly there are certain elements at the club who never wanted him to take over , but that is past history . But we have a new board to mange the club & what money he allows us to have . Because it should be remembered it his money that is keeping the club afloat as there is no magical money tree .
    As for why some fans are pleased that Little & Bernstein have joined the club that is because the club has to a certain degree been like a rudderless ship that will not answer to it’s Captains commands
    But what happens both between now & the start of next preseason could be very interesting as I’m told plans are already being made for a very different approach to next season irrispective of whether we get relegated or not ! As although relegation looks certain it is not yet confirmed as this season is very different to any other in the Prem and more like those in the old 1st div when relegation was not certain until the last few games of a season


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