There has been much talk recently about the future of manager Rémi Garde and whether he will be the man to lead the club into the relatively unknown waters of the Championship. The job of managing Aston Villa has become a poisoned chalice in recent times and Garde’s name has been added to the list of managers who have failed to stop the downward spiral that the club has been on since August 2010. The list is growing rapidly, which makes people question whether Houllier, McLeish, Lambert, Sherwood and Garde are all bad managers. Is managing Aston Villa with some success impossible nowadays?

It’s looking more and more like the latter with an absent owner, lack of investment and a series of poor decisions from the men upstairs contributing to the downfall of Aston Villa Football Club. With everything that is going on at our troubled club, I have been left wondering who would want to manage us.

The current board has made a succession of poor appointments and failed to back each manager properly in the transfer market, except Houllier, who was afforded £24 million to spend on Darren Bent to avoid relegation, a transfer that looks a lot worse in the long term. Would any decent manager be willing to work under such financial constraints with expectations that far succeed the ability and character of the playing squad?

Would Sean Dyche at Burnley, Gary Rowett at Birmingham City or Chris Hughton at Brighton & Hove Albion be willing to risk their burgeoning reputations at smaller clubs with promotion ambitions for a big, poorly run club in downfall? Would out of work managers such as Nigel Pearson or David Moyes be tempted to join a once-famous club that is slipping further and further into mediocrity? There is no guarantee of a decent budget for new players because the huge drop in television revenue will only lead to further penny-pinching from the board. The Championship is the sixth-highest spending league in the world at the moment so the board must realise that a promotion challenge will not come cheap.

It looks increasingly likely that Rémi Garde will not be the man to take Aston Villa Football Club forward. He already looks exasperated by the situation that he finds himself in and it appears that whether he stays or not is dependent on the amount of money he has to work with next summer. I think we need a manager with considerable Championship experience next season, someone who isn’t afraid to challenge the inflated egos that some of our ‘stars’ carry with them. Nigel Pearson would be my first choice as he has experience of promotion – and of avoiding relegation – with Leicester City. Judging by the Foxes’ form this season, he can clearly spot a player. Mick McCarthy or Steve Bruce would also be good choices but, again, would they want to leave their current clubs to come and manage us?

The job of managing Aston Villa could be a great one for the right candidate. However, the board members have consistently failed to make the correct managerial appointments. Once this disaster of a season is over, it’s important that they find the right man to take us forward.


  1. From what I’m hearing I would not discount Remi staying just yet as the winds of change are about to blow down the coridors of power @ Vill our CFO has already left & more changes will happen . But Hollis & King have not completed their review of how the club is run but currently the prefered option to run the footie are Garde & Black if Remi is prepared to stay .

    If does not stay should we be looking to the old Guard for a replacement or fresh blood to take us into the future ? I’d go for the later and former Villa player Grayson would top my list !

  2. Nigel Pearson, ticks every box that Hollis and King should be looking for. His CV reads 1) promotion, 2) rebuild on limited budget, 3 man management, strict discipline and saved premiership. Compared to the previous managers at AVFC he’s nailed on no 1 for what AV needs.

  3. Whoever becomes manager will fail Lerner doesn’t have one ounce of ambition and will not invest in the team so no manager can work with him. Lerner will continue to asset strip the club so what decent manager would want the job ? Until this awful owner goes the decline will continue there is no hope until that day arrives.

  4. Brian Little. The next villa manger should have villa in his blood and some one who as the same passion and drive as we do as fans and he will give us the drive and the passion to ever one at the club


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