Sick of the sound bites


Failure has been far too apparent at our club during the last five to six years. In fact, it has become something that we as fans have had to get used to.

At the moment, our club is a laughing stock, rooted to the bottom of the table and with only three Premier League wins all season. Years of failure are finally catching up with us. Realistically, relegation has been coming for years. I just want this sorry season to end so relegation can be confirmed and I can spend the summer accepting the fact that Aston Villa Football Club will be in the Championship.

The blame is split between many people. The bulk of that blame obviously sits with Randy Lerner, as the way he has run our football club, particularly over the last few years, has been pathetic. Bad decisions and performances on the field have helped our demise this season, with a lot of players simply not being up to the task of playing in the top flight, but, in my opinion, a succession of disastrous decisions off it over the last few years will in the end seal our fate.

As I mentioned, there have been other personnel who have contributed to what will be an unhappy ending to our time in the Premier League. I’ll let you decide for yourselves how to apportion the blame, but I find the brass necks on the likes of Paul Lambert and Ray Wilkins, who are constantly piping up and commenting on our situation, beyond belief.

Lambert speaks of being “delighted” that he got the sack. I bet you were, Paul. How’s your bank balance looking off the back of that?

Having “offered” to resign at the end of the 2013-2014 season, the Scotsman was talked round, which was another brilliant decision. Three and a half months later, this man accepted a new contract, no doubt with a wage improvement and a signing on fee. Happy days, Paul!

Lambert was quite happy to stay in his job, failing. He could not find a way to get a team containing the likes of Vlaar, Delph, Cleverley and Benteke playing like a Premier League team. He knew he wasn’t up to it but did not have the dignity to resign. Instead, he waited to be pushed and collected more money.

On Tuesday, Ray Wilkins had the audacity to weigh in on tactical matters, claiming that Micah Richards should be moved back to centre back. You know – the position Richards played in when Wilkins was at the club and we were losing every week.

I expect people to kick us when we are down. What I cannot abide is that people who have visibly failed at our club giving us their opinions on what should be done at Villa Park. These characters have piggy-backed onto our mis-management and collected good money for not doing very good jobs. I wish they’d pipe down. Their lack of integrity frightens me.

Aston Villa has suffered too many fools, fools who are still mocking us now that they are no longer being employed by the club.

There have been too many people who have taken Aston Villa for a ride – and there are those still at the club doing it right now. Nobody at the club at this current moment wants to take responsibility and those who have left are passing the buck.

Meanwhile, the fans continue to pay the price; it’s the ones who have no control who inevitably suffer the worst. I just want to enjoy supporting my team again. I’m tired of us getting a kicking both on and off the pitch.


  1. These same critics,are doing their best to remove Remi Garde.
    Who Tom Fox hoped woul save his job and that of Rielly ,Almstadt.
    These three are the main reason for the abysmal team . Nearly all
    the senior Brit flops are through the two Scottish wallies .As for Del Boy
    Sherwood ,I cringed at his appointment.Nothing now will save Avfc. Only
    A massive cull through every level by Hollis and King must be activated now.
    ready for the championship. Will Remi remain ,he deserves to be given his chance.

  2. Good piece and I agree with most of it. I actually had respect for Lambert and whilst he over stayed his welcome to collect more money I don’t fully blame him for it….he should hush though for the reasons you spelt out.

    I, unlike many supporters ( I’m not a fan…I don’t blindly follow), don’t apportion most of the blame at Randy’s door. He assembled a team with O’Neill capable of delivered…they tool advantage of his willingness to succeed. Naive yes but we we all lauding him those first two years.

    I still have a stinging hatred of MON and they way he left which is where I trace this back to.

    As for the appointment of Garde…I think he’s a good guy and considering he’s learning on the job he has us playing some decent football at times but the player’s hearts aren’t in it with many knowing they’ll be moving on next season with clubs thinking they can get the best out of them in a better squad.

    I hope he stays, and I hope we rebuild next year. I just want to see happy faces….losing on the pitch is one thing but the impact it has to communities is large and lasting.

  3. I agree that the sound bites are annoying but I blame those who proclaim them with great fanfares rather than their originators . As for Lambert being glad to leave he was probably correct as I suspect life had become toxic in more ways than one . As for Wilkins he should never have been employed but I have my suspicions why he was ,but I also wish he keep his trap shut
    Looking back brings a bad taste to the mouth so perhaps we should look to the future and to what Hollis, King & Garde can do to correct the mistakes of the past

  4. very surprised with wilkins comments,,,,, but its not just him,,,

    merson, collymore, carragher and others have all come out with comments that show a real lack of understanding of various aspects of the club,,,,

    and after the liverpool defeat there was not one mention of the good form before and the fact that
    kozac gestede grealish traore ayew amavi and sanchez were all missing
    leaving us with an overweight just returning from injury gabby to lead the line,,,,,,

    this side needs goals,,,, that is what is killing us,,,,, so with 5 attacking options out it was always
    going to and be hard to create and score

    and wilkins comments are just scary,,,, this is a man who has spent all his life in football and at the highest
    levels,,, yet any villa fan would say we are better with richards at right back,,,


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