Too little too late


Last weekend we saw one team that was really, really bad and the Villans having enough about them to exploit their opponents’ inadequacies.

This is something that the Villans have not been able to do for a long time. What was particularly telling was that we were playing a team that needed a win as much as we did.

Speaking to a friend of mine who supports Norwich City after the match, he despaired at the shambles of a performance he accused his side of giving. It was a strange feeling hearing what I have said so many times from someone else.

From somewhere, we pulled a result out of the bag. Is it too little too late?

The reason I think we managed to win is because the team played with a good mixture of ease, because of a lack of pressure – the situation now being so dire – and desire. They had identified the Canaries as being there for the taking and the plan worked.

Now I don’t want to misrepresent myself: I do still think we are done for. One win is not going to change everything but it has given us some respite. It’ll be tricky to build on that result this weekend but there is, as has been already said, no pressure so anything could happen.

There was a really strange atmosphere at the game. I was really proud of the players for putting such a good shift in. Also, despite there being some hostility from the crowd at times, the players did not let it affect them and we all benefitted from that. Having said that, the crowd in general was for the most part quite understandably passive so that could have helped too.

After the match, players were throwing shirts into the crowd and many of them were clearly delighted with their efforts. It was nice to see. Of course, it would have been good to have seen these scenes much earlier on in the season but what’s happened has happened; we have to look forward.

I am currently in a very bizarre situation where I feel we are going down and yet I am the most positive I have been for a while. It is funny what any sort of a win can do.

It would be fantastic if the lads, many of whom will be playing their last games for Villa, can put shifts in until the end of the season, pick up a few points and,  most importantly, show the passion and love for Villa that we haven’t seen from the board this season.


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