This week, the club appointed Mervyn King to the board of directors in what seems to be another strange move by the board. The calamitous decisions that the board members have made this season and over the last few years are well documented and they don’t seem to help themselves.

I don’t doubt that the former governor of the Bank of England will be able to give some quality advice, but why the club announce his appointment in such a public way, particularly with it coming days after we failed to sign a single player in the transfer window? Surely it would have been better to have kept it quiet rather than make such a big deal of what is a decision that won’t affect fans in any way.

It has emerged that Hendrik Almstadt stopped the club from completing the signing of Mathieu Debuchy in the transfer window, as he didn’t have enough to do with the transfer. This is a sporting director who has no experience of professional football. How can this man overrule the manager of the club?

It would appear that all sorts of promises have been broken in January, with Garde supposedly considering his future. The club worked incredibly hard to get their man when they approached Garde, so why would they then back down on the agreements they made with the man they appointed? It all just seems to lack any real sense.

The problem at the club is that no one knows who makes the decisions. The fans are kept in the dark over all decisions made and are fed information via John Percy and other reliable journalists who will share information they receive. The official channels of the club spout out the same old rubbish, suggesting that everything is hunky dory despite the fact we are marooned at the bottom of the league table.

Steve Hollis was appointed chairman of the club last month and we are yet to see any evidence that this man is fit for that job. It would seem that he is another puppet positioned by Randy Lerner. Tom Fox, the CEO of the club, is another person who seems to be controlled from afar by Lerner. He has not helped himself with comments made towards fans over the last year, misjudging a number of situations.

The decisions made at the club don’t seem to carry any ownership. No one knows who is in charge at the club, which is only going to be dangerous going forward. The manager has been given no opportunity to alter his playing squad and people who have no experience in football are clearly overruling him.

What a shambles our football club has become!


  1. Good piece Nick. What is happening is beyond belief! Even for Learner it is crazy economics. Maybe we shouldnt be surprised by the appointment of King, who let’s not forget was Govnor of the Bank of England when the economy when belly up and who’s answer to the problem was to make the poorest in the country pay for the failure of….. Yes is fellow bankers!
    What we mustn’t do is let Fox & co off load the blame on to Remi. Please sign the petition

  2. If the Debuchy signing was because Almstadt felt sidelined he needs permamently sidelining !we almost certainly struggled@ the start of the season because of ??? his appointment of an assistant to Sherwood
    As for the appointment of Hollis & King with a little though about how we finance the buying of players or rather how we should be financing their purchase it should be a little more obvious . The TV money is not sufficient if we want the quality needed , so we need more investment income as we should not be relying on Lerner or who ever else owns the club to dip into their pockets for the extra cash even if some think other wise . And that’s where Hollis & Kink come in as with their City contacts hopefully that money can be found to ensure the club can spend big in the summer


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