It’s time to play the youngsters


Disappointing is the word I would use to describe this week of football. I’m not really sure what has happened to our great club. After an unbeaten run of five games sparked some home, the fate of Aston Villa Football Club is now almost certain. I believe most fans have accepted that the Championship beckons since we last played Norwich City. If we are to have any hope at all of warding off relegation, the game against Norwich City will surely be our last chance saloon. Anything but a win, especially if results go against us, will mean it’s goodbye Premier League and hello Championship.

Our upcoming fixtures offer a decent possibility of actually getting some points. We have Norwich City this weekend and a struggling Liverpool the following one. However, we have lost arguably the most important player in our team, Jordan Ayew. What he did was sheer madness and I can’t imagine what Garde said to him that night but I hope that he had learnt his lesson. We will be without him for three games, leaving us to wonder where will the goals come from, if they come at all. Kozák is out, as is Gestede, and Agbonlahor is back in the mix but looked hopeless against West Ham United on Tuesday night so we don’t really have much firepower. This doesn’t mean it’s all over. If Garde would like to win the game and to be sure that the players he chooses will show the desire the fans want to see, he must play younger players. This includes the likes of Grealish and Lyden. Players like Sellars can score goals, as we saw in pre-season, and goals are desperately needed.

Given the lack of transfer activity, it might be worth Garde’s while taking a risk and bringing in players who haven’t showcased their talents yet. Those in the Under-21 squad are surely being considered for the future first team in the Championship. We can use them now, assessing whether they are ready and ensuring that we have an eye on the Championship and a promotion push. Villa fans don’t want false hope. The fact is that avoiding relegation is highly unlikely with this team so we have to get our young players playing. If they don’t succeed then at least we will have given them game time in the hope that they will be more than ready to play in the Championship. It’s so frustrating when we see our high wage earners not even wanting to play for the badge, which is why our youth set-up should be looked at closely to make sure that things don’t get ugly around Villa Park.


  1. It is time to play only with those, who we count to play next season. The rest should rot with shame outside the trainng ground.


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