The horror story continues


Every week my team seems to find a new way to be defeated. I’m struggling to come up with new ways to to sum up what a miserable existence it is being an Aston Villa fan. Class may be permanent. Form may be temporary. All the same, this temporary misery feels permanent.

The truth is that, up until Ayew’s moment of madness and subsequent sending off, we were looking good. Denied a blatant penalty by the buffoon that is Jon Moss, we were causing the Hammers problems. Even the much maligned Agbonlahor looked lively. However, we didn’t score when on top and Ayew then took the game into his own hands.

Many of the games we have lost this season have been down to diabolical defending. This cannot be denied. On a night when the defence was fairly resolute, possibly our only shining light of the season proceeded to lash out. Elbowing someone did not seem to even be a foul a few weeks ago when taking on Leicester City and Robert Huth. There is no denying that Ayew deserved to go, although the inconsistency of Premier League officiating really annoys fans.

Ayew’s idiocy will obviously be seen as the turning point but the Moss’ failure to award a penalty following Antonio’s handball turned the tide before Ayew walked. Again, a few weeks ago a debatable handball decision led to a penalty for Leicester City. The more obvious handball last night was ignored by the officials. We are rank, a poor excuse for a football club at present, but there is no denying that we enjoy little luck. It has evaded us for most of the campaign.

As this disastrous season continues to unfold, leaving me feeling more and more alienated from the club I love so much, there has been a feeling of respect for the way our manager has handled himself. He has made mistakes and we probably should have won a few more games under his stewardship but Garde has been honest, has not hidden and has stood up the powers that be at the club.

I fear that Garde may walk away. I’m certainly at the point where I cannot imagine him being here next season. He doesn’t need this. Some may say that his departure would be a good thing. I don’t believe that any good would come from yet another manager leaving us, especially one with a backbone. I do take issue with his decision to bring on Kieran Richardson as an attacking substitution when we were in need of a goal but that’s by the by.

Another game has passed. Any real chance of staying up that we may have had has gone, in my opinion. The board members obviously feel the same after our “dry January” transfer window. The fact that we didn’t bring anyone in and that nobody even wanted to take any of our players is depressing. We failed to signal that we had any intention of staying up, whilst also managing not to show evidence of planning for the Championship.

Aston Villa Football Club has so many issues that someone could write a series of books on the club’s problems. One that stands out for me is that we are always in a season of “transition”. We haven’t been out of “transition” since Martin O’Neill left.

Our next transitional period is going to be in the Championship. It’s always “next week” or “next year” at Aston Villa. The “here and now” is that we are rotten to the core.

There will be no Leicester City style fairy tale escape for our team; our genre is horror. I fear the chapters to follow this miserable story will only become more gruesome.


  1. There are still positives. The defence and midfield are ok and look much better, the difference is the forwards and final ball quality, it’s all comes down to goals and this was very evident when the window opened

    Bournemouth straight away went out and bought Afobe, the result is 3 goals in 3 games. This is because Bournemouth are run very well and don’t have a cancerous owner who is an utter failure with anything sporting he touches. We needed a couple of players and it would have made all the difference.

    Garde has been let down. I hope he stays but understand if he walks.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. “Feeling alienated from the club I love” certainly struck a chord! It’s very sad isn’t it 😢

  3. Garde has been betrayed in this transfer window to such an extent that If he did walk out he could legitimately claim constructive dismissal.

  4. The only additions in January were Hollis and coach Eric Black. During the Supporters Trust meeting, Hollis and Fox indicated that the club were not going to spend big money in January if it meant putting the club’s chances of promotion next season in jeopardy. I took this as an indication that the club would spend minimally in the window on 1 or 2 players. The fact that not even so much as a loan signing came in was simply stunning. The club were supposedly close to signing Kalinic but how could they not have known there would be work permit issues? Sounds fishy, did the club ever intend on signing him or were they simply appearing to pursue players in order to appease the manager and fans? Garde said himself that financial reasons played a big factor in nobody joining. He was clearly sold a pack of lies by Fox when he joined when he was promised funds. So Fox has shown on at least on one occasion that he is not to be trusted. Hollis is by his own admission not a “football man”, rather he is a chartered accountant who headed KPMG in the West Midlands for many years. Has he been brought in simply to run a football club or was there an alterior motive in mind? He would certainly know a thing or too about asset stripping. Was Eric Black simply brought in to be a coach? They are certainly doing a good job in trying to force Remi out the door. I might be doing a 2+2=5 here but something sure doesn’t add up. I reiterate that Tom Fox CAN NOT BE TRUSTED. Lerner is, in my opinion, a man intent on getting his money back whatever the cost to the club., however long it may take. He certainly isn’t going to get £150-200m for the club now so what other measures will he take? His love affair with the club died long ago and what worries me as that he NO LONGER has the club’s best interest at heart and that is a very dangerous thing, And as long as he remains owner then Fox and Hollis can do as they please, I hope I am simply over analysing the situation here, as I am very very worried for the future of the club.

  5. Good article Dan, I agree with all you have said.

    I firmly believe that this bunch of idiots we have owning and running our club are literally putting their heads in the sand and ignoring all fans and critics that are shouting what they can see in front of them.

    Tom thinks we should be happy as real progress has been made this season…7% increase in global shirt sales. What he and the rest of them don’t realise is that no fan of this great club gives a stuff about shirt sales. We buy one because I’m a real fan…do I care if they are selling Villa to Asia etc…absolutely not!

    I care about the club and what is happening on the pitch because I’m a fan like the rest of you, not a ‘customer’. If I was a customer, I’d support a top 4 club and change every season depending on who wins the league, because that would be entertaining for a customer.

    They have no clue. So this is why I totally agree with Collymore with a total walkout at Villa Park. These people care about money and spin…seeing an empty ground would be the only way for them to open their eyes. If not, people sitting in the stands, buying programs and food have them believe all is well…that’s the kind of people we are talking about.

    I know it won’t happen, but if we as fans and rapture supporters of this great club actually want change, drastic measures are required. I don’t take this lightly, I really don’t, but it’s the only way I can see.

  6. Dan I have known you for many years and can well understand the frustration of having to write about piss poor performances week after week. What is happening behind the scenes at Villa we may never know ..indeed Tim Sherman’s no cooments on MoTD spoke volumes.
    For many seasons now I have felt true anxiety St the tussles of bottom 10 teams contests ..wondering if our luck would run out …but this year , very strangely I couldn’t give a toss. When a club is run so badly with no planning ,investment in decent players , stuffed with players who seem to have lost passion and are not straight with their fans …then so be it.
    Goodbye premiership and I pray that we don’t do a Wigan or Leeds.

  7. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Albert Einstein

    The Villa motto


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