Return of the loan front man…


Silly season is in full swing. The January transfer window is much maligned, although the sheer lunacy of it all does make it interesting. Garde is set to leave any signings late, just as the club left hitting any sort of decent form.

Given our predicament, I would have expected someone in by now because the games keep drifting away and an escape looks less likely with each passing week. The Villans would need a hero to help them to stay up now, someone capable of scoring goals at an exceptional rate in a relatively poor side. Yesterday, the rumour appeared that all Villa fans have dreamed of: Christian Benteke was linked with a loan move back to B6.

If only.

There are pipe dreams then there is this rumour. The chances of us tempting the Belgian hitman back to the club even on a temporary basis are even more remote than our chances of survival. I see simply no realistic scenario that ends with Benteke wearing a claret and blue shirt come February (unless Gold and Sullivan have some serious money lying around at West Ham).

We are desperate for a striker, that much is clear. Someone of Benteke’s ilk is imperative. We need a talisman, a player who can create something out of nothing. Benteke has this and more but the time for us to worship him has gone.

In my mind, Klopp does not fancy Benteke. Watching him toil after coming on as a substitute last night was difficult for Villa fans. We know what a force he can be. Many Villa fans had reservations about the Belgian international joining Liverpool. He has scored a few goals but he does not look comfortable. Klopp’s men do not play to his strengths nor do the fans seem particularly keen on him. Benteke may yet make a success of his big money move but a change in manager at a club that already did not suit his style makes he think it will only end in tears in my opinion.

Benteke didn’t really suit Rodgers’ passing style nor does he suit the quick, pressing game Klopp likes to employ.

The Villans played to Benteke’s strengths. He was our strength. Watching us without him it’s plain to see that he was the reason we stayed up in each of the last three season.

Without him, we have been largely toothless, with Ayew being the only bright attacking light. What a partnership they could have formed.

Christian Benteke’s departure came when his stock was high and he had just fired us to safety almost single-handedly yet again. He went with most Villa fans’ good wishes. However, most could have predicted how it would go. Up to now those questioning the move look like they will be correct.

Christian Benteke would have better placed suitors than our club were he to become available. Fenway Sports Group probably still owes us some money, which could make it easier to negotiate even a temporary move. Even if we were better placed, I do not believe our former number twenty’s ego would allow him to come back and his nice new wage would probably stretch the current budget at Villa Park.

It’s nice to dream. In the main, I think that’s all we have left this season. In an ideal world, Benteke would come back. The Liverpool fans would probably be happy and so would we.

Thanks for the memories, Christian, and I hope you go on to prove the Liverpool fans who don’t rate you wrong. If you have had enough and fancy a challenge, you know where we are….

What do you think? Is there any chance of a reunion with the Belgian Beast or, like me, do you see this rumour as pie in the sky? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


  1. Lets face it, we need antone who is willing and able to play for us. I believe we really need a full back like Mathieu Debuchy and Ludovic Sane could sew up our back division.
    The dream of Christian coming back could inspire Gabby – something we need badly, but sadly, only a dream, or should I say nightmare. I anticipate no changes.
    Colin Bryan

  2. Why all the talk of a full back or goalkeeper. Surely our know nothing leaders must realise we are crying out for someone who could get 10 goals between now and the end of the season. Lets face it the players we have couldn’t hit a cows **** with a banjo which is why we are where we are. If only we could turn a few of these
    0 – 0 draws into 1 – 0 wins we might just start to catch up with the rest of the strugglers. I’m sure if Middlesboro can afford a player like Jordan Rhodes at £9m why can’t we. At least if we did go down he would then link back up with Gestede and they were pretty lethal in the Championship last time they played together. But eh what do I know at the side of our expert leaders.

  3. The Villa did not buy a single player in January and now we have Hollis singing praises for signing a new director. How is this person going to improve the Vila’s performance over the next few weeks. This is the same Hollis, who referred to Villa’s supporters as customers. Does he not know the difference between supporters and customers. I have supported the Villa for 71 seasons and if I was a customer, who have a tendency to buy the best available, I wouldn’t be going to the Villa as the goods on show are of low standard. Hollis should leave the Villa and open a supermarket, where his talents are better suited.We also have another director, who thinks Villa players should be like US soldiers in Vietnam – hardly appropriate role models for footballers. This US army general should also vacate his seat and return to West point, where he might learn something about military performance because he seems lacking in assessing military ability. There needs to be a widespread clean out of Villa’s bureaucracy.


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