Selling Scott Sinclair would be stupid


There have been a number of rumours in the last week that Scott Sinclair may well be on his way out of the club, despite joining Aston Villa only last summer on a four-year deal.

Swansea City, Sinclair’s former club, along with Newcastle United, are reported to be interested in taking the former Manchester City winger off Villa’s hands during this transfer window and the fee rumoured would mean that Villa would make a loss on the player.

When Sinclair first came to the club a year ago on an initial six month loan, he offered a fair bit to the team, scoring a couple of goals and causing a lot of issues for opposition defences. However, since he signed permanently, we have seen a player who seems to lack confidence in Premier League games and who doesn’t look strong enough to compete.

Other than a brace against Sunderland in the first few weeks of the season, we have hardly seen anything from Sinclair and that has been disappointing. In fairness to the forward, both Tim Sherwood and Rémi Garde have played him sparingly this season.

What I struggle to understand is why the club would sell a player who has the potential to hurt us to a direct rival such as Newcastle United or Swansea City. If internally the mentality is that we are down, we might as well not play the last five months of the season.

To try to make sense of any of the transfer business that Aston Villa Football Club does would take a lot of time and effort, with players like Marc Albrighton being allowed to walk away from the club for nothing in recent years. Nothing would really be that surprising given how things work at this football club.

If the club were to sell the forward to Swansea City, why not make an enquiry about Andre Ayew and attempt to use Sinclair as a makeweight for a potential deal, along with a fee? I know that the chances of Andre Ayew wanting to join or being allowed to join Aston Villa are slim but it would at least show some ambition if the club made the enquiry.

If we were to sell Sinclair in this transfer window then we would be left with very few options for forwards, with Adama Traoré out until March at the earliest.

Sinclair is the best reserve striker we have at the club to Jordan Ayew and Libor Kozák. If we are left without Sinclair, Gestede would be our only first team striker option from the bench and, sadly, he is hardly someone who inspires confidence.

Sinclair is a much better striker than Gestede and offers a lot more to the team when he plays. Although the Villans don’t look like they have a hope in hell of staying up, selling players like Sinclair to direct rivals would be utterly ridiculous.



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