The title of my article is one that reflects a sorry, horrid situation at Aston Villa Football Club. The Villans sit bottom of the Premier League table having only won once all campaign, with the solitary victory coming on the opening day of the season.

We have passed the halfway stage in the season now and our fate already looks sealed. It seems the Championship is the Villans’ destiny. We all have questions about how the situation has been allowed to get this bad but none of us know the answers expect the men in the boardroom and the players entrusted with performing in on the pitch.

There are still eighteen games for the Villans to save themselves. However, that would mean winning a minimum of ten games, which does not look even slightly possible after seeing the first half of the season. Until we are mathematically down, should fans be defeatist and accept relegation?

I am stuck on this matter. I love Aston Villa and always will do whatever division we sit in, whatever state the club is in. This means I refuse to accept the idea of relegation until it really is all over.

The side is clearly not good enough to survive in its current state. There is a clear lack of quality, which is needed to survive. The rumours have been rife about transfers but at this stage rumours are all we have.

Our next home game is against Crystal Palace on January 12th. By this point, if the club’s leaders are serious about survival we should have at least three men in or at least be in advanced talks with quality players.

Even then with three additions, survival will not be easy. The players confidence is at rock bottom and the goals are not flowing in at the right end.

The next ten Premier League fixtures are as follows:

  1. Crystal Palace (H)
  2. Leicester City (H)
  3. West Bromwich Albion (A)
  4. West Ham United (A)
  5. Norwich City (H)
  6. Liverpool (H)
  7. Stoke City (A)
  8. Everton (H)
  9. Manchester City (A)
  10. Tottenham Hotspur (H)

Realistically, every fixture is winnable on paper. In terms of our club’s season to date, winning really does not look likely. The position we are in is shameful and to win ten games from eighteen having won one from twenty we would need to add a prolific striker or two, a decent goalkeeper and a competent right-back to our sorry squad.

The Villa boys would have to go hell for leather, throwing everything at every team, which is something they are yet to do convincingly. The rallying calls are starting to fall on deaf ears, with many believing that we are as good as down.

The other view of the Villa faithful is that relegation should be accepted now.

There is a belief that we need to accept relegation now and rebuild. It is something I do not want to accept until we are down, although it seems sensible.

The view is that Garde should bring in the younger, inexperienced players and prepare them to be first team members in the Championships. It makes sense but this is throwing in the towel and it could make our situation even more embarrassing.

Some believe that we should bring in the best players from the Championship to make sure we escape the Championship at the first time of asking. Although I like the idea of bringing in players like Andre Gray and Jordan Rhodes, it may not be possible as those sort of players will not be interested in joining Aston Villa Football Club given its plight.

To get out of the Championship, I believe we would need an experienced lower league manager but the book is being rewritten this season, with Derby County and Middlesborough both having novice Championship managers.

Garde hasn’t inspired the players at all so can we be confident that he would lead us out of the Championship?

The position Aston Villa is in is a bitter pill to swallow. I love the club – but not what it has become. Randy Lerner is a vampire who has sucked every drop of blood out of the club. There is nothing left.

The idea of a fight is one I love. I believe we could survive. But I will be slandered for a such a view. I would also be slandered for throwing in the towel and suggesting playing the youth.

So, what is the best way to approach the rest of the season? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


  1. Well Matty old boy

    Your perceptions are correct I concur. Having been a Villain for the last 50 years plus and I shall take the Claret & Blues to the grave, the current plight is dour of this there is no doubt, many can speculate on how the best route is to escape relegation, but until the current ownership has packed its bags and a more football oriented keeper of the keys is in place then I am afraid there is nothing to be joyful about.
    The team is inadequate – you can get better commitment from a bunch of young boys playing for the first time – Greilish for England? Someone is having a joke there.
    The Manager talks a good game but is ye to show his pedigree if he has one
    The “Dream Team” we have behind the scenes are inadequate
    The Owner ——- Nothing to add. His investment has failed – move on Bud.
    So it looks like we could be on for a double bump as I can’s see this current set up even making it in the local parks divisions let alone the championship.

  2. Hope springs eternal but there would seem to be no benefit in playing the rest of the season with anything like the current team members, most of whom are showing signs of total loss of confidence. A spell in the reserves may be the answer. Be prepared to draft in the youth players who live and breathe Aston Villa, Garde should give them their lead and freedom to bring back the passion and creativity in all areas of the park. Come on, there must be six or seven youngsters who are champing at the bit to save their club right now….


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