If it was down to me, then I would hand Matthew Lynch the award for the best young football blogger at the 2015 Football Blogging Awards right now.

For those who don’t know what I am talking about, Matt was put up for the award a few months back now and thanks to many of you who voted for him, he has managed to make the final.

The awards were first held back in 2012 with a goal of finding some of the best football blogs, voted for by those who read the blogs, shining a spotlight on some of the best blogs and bloggers on the internet.

Matt is one of ten candidates in the category which will see a winner decided by those who voted for the candidates. Along with the public’s winner from the category, a panel of judges will also pick a winner also.

This year the judges include Dan Walker of the BBC, Neil Ashton of ‘The Daily Mail’, Ian Prior of ‘The Guardian’ and John Cross of ‘The Daily Mirror’. The awards ceremony will take place on Thursday night at Hotel Football in Manchester.

About Matt Lynch

Matt Lynch has been writing for avillafan.com since July 2013 and has written more than 120 articles for us in that time. Only those who run a football blogging website will understand that it is very hard to find good, loyal and honest writers these days.

Some come and go more quickly than it took to send you an email to ask about writing for the website, others disappear off the face of the earth, while the odd few go off to University and pastures new.

Matt (18) is now a Broadcast Journalism student at university in Nottingham, where he has been studying since September. He has stuck with avillafan despite having a very busy personal life. He is very active on other blogging websites and is now involved at Fly FM, where he reads the news.

At avillafan.com we are very lucky to have a small group who have been with us for a while now and I appreciate the content they provide for you all to read because, let’s be honest, we wouldn’t be here without those who produce the content, and those who read it.

Matt joined us when he was 16 and is now our longest serving writer. I know that sooner or later Matt will get the break he deserves in the career path he seeks and will no longer want or be able to contribute to the website. I personally dread that day but at the same time want him to suceed.

When Matt heads up to Manchester on Thursday night, he will have the support of all at avillafan.com and, regardless of the outcome, he will always be our winner.

Best of luck Matt – not that you need it!


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