There may be trouble ahead!


Saturday brought with it my first away trip of the season. I went off to Anfield feeling oddly confident that we would at least run Liverpool close. Aston Villa failed me again: the performance was tepid at best.

If the Villa boys had gone there and lost 3-2 after a battling performance against a top Liverpool side, I would have felt fine. However, the fact is that we lost to a Liverpool side devoid of confidence, that was defensively brittle and missing a lot of the club’s top players.

Conceding so early on set the tone for the afternoon. The Villans were second to almost every ball, allowing the opposition far too much space to pick a pass and backing off so deep that it looked like they were trying to climb into the Kop!

Once half-time came, I assumed Sherwood would change things, as anybody who has ever watched a football match could tell that what his Villa side was trying to do wasn’t working. But no… The travelling fans, who were as excellent as ever, had to wait until the Villans were two behind before Sherwood sprang into life – and it is debatable whether he made the right changes. Bringing Veretout and Adama on was sensible but how Westwood was allowed to remain on the field baffles me and Lescott, too slow, too pedestrian and careless in possession, was terrible all game.

I am fed up of Aston Villa Football Club being a laughing stock. The club is like the fourth emergency service: if you’re worried about your teams and games against Aston Villa are on the horizon then fear not!

Sherwood still has my backing but some of his talk needs to be converted into points and I fully understand why some fans are starting to turn on the boss. He needs to shape up tactically – and fast. The argument has been made that we are not being beaten convincingly  but an apple is a apple and a defeat is a defeat, regardless of whether it’s by five goals or because of a dodgy deflection.

Aston Villa Football Club, as it stands, is in massive trouble. Unless the club can dig itself out the bottom three in the next few weeks the board may very well have to act this side of Christmas to prevent a slide into oblivion becoming inevitable. The talent is certainly there but are the tactics? Let’s see…

Up the Villa!


  1. Yes it’s disgracefull that the team not only let the club down they also let down many supporters of clubs in the North West who were backing Villa to beat the red scum. But what is the solution to the conundrum that faces TS and any other manager who might be appointed if the fans deside they want rid? The conundrum being do fans want a team that can out play everyone but get the stuffing kicked out of it if it does or do they want a team like Stoke at it’s worst when it just kicked the stuffing out of everybody ?

  2. Totally agree with your review. I want Sherwood to succeed but I’m starting to lose patience. This is his team, his players, a few better than others, a few dodgy signings in there! But tactically he is all over the place. What system do we play? At home we are even worse than McLeish and Lambert were. We have escaped relegation year after year but I’m afraid to think we won’t this year.

    The reasons why? 1 point from the last 18 against poor opposition. The 1 point from Sunderland! Seriously. The way we lost to Leicester, the shocking performance v WBA. These are games we should be winning. We have City, Spurs, Everton and Chelsea coming up. I can’t see us getting a point.

    If we don’t beat Stoke at home this weekend I’m afraid to say I’ll be getting my ‘Sherwood Out’ banner ordered!

    I am starting to believe Sherwood was lucky at Spurs. They were a decent side and he took them over for the final run in. Team was built already. His stats are Villa are shocking. Since he took over our league record reads P20, W6, L12, D2. Not good enough.

    UTV! VTID!


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