Ayew isn’t enough

Signature de Jordan Ayew (OM) au FC Lorient

As we close in on the transfer of Ghana international striker Jordan Ayew, I could be positive and think that, despite losing Christian Benteke, our front line looks decent with the addition of Ayew, who is versatile and talented. However, we need more forwards. If you add Ayew to our list of strikers, it stands at four and that includes Agbonlahor, who can hardly be considered a goal-scorer, Libor Kozak, who is just returning from a serious injury, and Callum Robinson, who is untested at the top level.

The transfer window is far from shut, which is good news as we need to sign another striker – and a proven goal-scorer at that. Charlie Austin would be perfect, as we know he will put the ball in the back of the net. Let’s face it, with the money we are getting from the transfer of Fabian Delph to Manchester City, the transfer of Christian Benteke to Liverpool and of course the large sum the club receives for television rights, we can afford to go and spend a few million pounds, especially on proven quality.

I think that Sherwood should have bought Austin already, to eliminate the risk of another club getting him. We know he is likely to leave his current club, after Queens Park Rangers’ manager Chris Ramsey was open in admitting that Austin is ‘unlikely’ to stay. Ramsey also revealed he would be looking to receive a sum of at least £15 millon for Austin, which is a fair amount of money that we know we can afford. While many have suggested it is injury concerns that have put Sherwood off Austin, there is also the issue of his wages, with some suggestions that the English forward would want to be paid a staggering £85,000 per week. If wages are the issue then we can rule Austin out and move on, past the lazy links to Emmanuel Adebayor.

It was inevitable that we would lose Benteke. Our star player was almost certain to leave, with the club powerless to keep its prized asset as soon as the release clause was triggered, so Sherwood should have bought his replacement earlier in the summer, eliminating the risk of starting the new season with a weak front line and few options up front.

With the spending power we now have, I don’t think it will be too difficult to attract a talented forward to the club but who knows if the attraction of playing for a club like Aston Villa is still there? Sherwood will be a big factor in convincing players to join, as he seems to have a way of getting players on side and his record at Aston Villa so far is quite good. We desperately need another striker and hopefully we’ll get one soon, as leaving it too late is a bad idea.



  1. Unfortunately the world doesn’t work like that. There would have been discussions surrounding Austin’s future with QPR first…then other teams have made bids and Austin is CLEARLY not Sherwood’s cup of tea otherwise he’d have bid for him.

  2. Emmanuel Adebayor is on 100k a week and the London based media are all reporting we can loan him if we pay his full wages. Austin wants to stay in London and would rather be a bit part player at a club like Chelsea or Spurs than come to Villa or Newcastle and play nearly every game cause his knee probably can’t withstand that many games a season. While the Pound is strong against the Euro i think we will see more European based players brought in rather than paying silly money on English based players.

    Emmanuel Adebayor just seems a crazy idea and I’m really hoping its just bs made up by the media as 100k a week on him is madness. Plus why do Spurs any favours? They are desperate to get rid of him and most media are reporting while they are paying his wages it gives them less to play with in the transfer market.

    • If Sherwood wanted Adebayor then I back Sherwood on this but with the monies we have it would be better to buy a player like Rudy Gestede from Blackburn and pay a normal wage plus who knows how much we have to spend? The Benteke money is 16 mill for this season and delph 8, chuck in a couple of mill for the outgoers and you could say we have 30 mill with scope on wages, 18 has gone, leaving around 12 for the new lad so i can only see another buy of around 6 to 7 mill and a couple of loans, but good loans at that.

      • Don’t forget the sell on to Genk that’s due. 15% was it? That’s £5m less straight away.

        The loss of Bent, Given, Delph & Benteke will actually have freed up an enormous amount of money, bearing in mind that’s probably the four highest earners at the club.

        There can’t be much more left in the pot, but if the papers are to be believed, Ntep for another £10m, Arnside on loan, Tom Carroll for £2m and Cambrai on a free would actually represent pretty good business, in my eyes.

  3. Whatever else you can say about Paul Lambert, he did convince Benteke to stay. I do think he will get game time at Liverpool though, so good luck to him.

    I like Ayew, but without service to the forwards, I don’t think we are going to score many goals, regardless of who plays upfront. Benteke made a lot of goals himself, but the 12 goals he scored in 12 games to end the season included his hat trick, and I believe a couple of games where he scored 2. If we can get proper service to the forwards, we will score goals.


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