Watching the Villans feels like a chore…


It doesn’t feel good but it’s true: watching the Villans feels like a chore. With so many games, so close together, over the Christmas period, it’s taken a lot of effort to drag myself to Villa Park knowing that, more likely than not, the game will be tepid at best.

I used to be excited about games. I remember the relatively good times under Martin O’Neill, when I was at university and couldn’t afford a season ticket so going to a game was a delight. I’d spend the couple of days before a game getting excited about seeing a good game of football, regardless of the opposition, sometimes even expecting an easy win!

Now that I have a season ticket, however, it is more a case of here we go again… This isn’t because I’ve fallen out of love with the club, far from it: it’s because I don’t like watching something I care about slowly shoot itself in the foot. I’ll still be there, as long as we’re in the Premier League (as I’d struggle to make mid-week games) but it’s getting depressing – and I’m not the only one feeling this way.

Look at how sharply attendances have fallen: we have fewer than 30,000 fans watching a lot of home games now and the F.A. Cup game drew in an even lower number of spectators. The fans need something to hold on to and there’s not even a goal threat amongst the Villans at the moment. Football is supposed to be exciting, entertaining and unpredictable; it’s none of these things at Villa Park.

I know I keep banging the same drum but Lambert has to go. Look at the difference a new manager has made in Small Heath – our neighbours are flying, although it pains me to say it. Someone has to act before we slip into the Championship. I don’t think it will happen this season since there are too many marginally weaker teams but a season will come when there is some quality at the bottom and we simply do not have it.

I’m getting sick of it, just as many other fans are. Someone at Aston Villa Football Club has to be just as concerned as the fans are. Someone must know Lambert’s ‘plan’ isn’t working. We need change. Change is good.


  1. Agree totally.Supported Villa since 1961,always looking forward to the next game,few pints before,then roar them on,win or lose.this season never renewed my season ticket.Couldn’t stand the football being played last 3 years.Gone is the thrill of watching Villa, it had like you say become a chore.Still in the blood though, always will be.Not going back until we start giving it a proper go with attacking football.Its killing me but I have to make a stand.VTID.

  2. Don’t read the article of Pros from Lambert costl you’ll find a knife and throw yourself on it. There’s nothing to say about Lamberts reign,only shocking, truly shocking. Lambert out.


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