Vlaar and Delph – what if they do leave?


Vlaar and Delph have arguably been our two best players this season. When they’re in the team there’s always hope that we will pull off a win or at least remain solid at the back. But there’s a problem: it looks like that they want to leave to compete far higher up the league than the Villans are able to do at the moment.

So, what can the club officials do now? They have offered both players new deals, which Delph and Vlaar have been hesitant to accept, and if the reports coming from their agents are true then they are prepared to see out the remainder of their deals and leave on frees in the summer. The decision now, it seems, is if there’s value in losing Delph and Vlaar on frees or whether to try to recoup some money by selling them in January.

Personally, I’d hold on to Delph for as long as possible. If he can keep us up by playing well for the second half of the season once he is back from injury then great: the Villans staying in the Premier League is worth more than making a few quid in January. I’d love us to keep hold of Delph and part of me still hopes he will change his mind and stay at the club, repaying the faith shown to him through his injuries a few years ago. However, as I mentioned last week, Delph isn’t a Villa fan: he works for the club and that club has significantly underperformed for the past few years.

As for Vlaar, if we get a good offer for him in January, I’d let him go. Although he is a very competent defender, I don’t think he is as good as he was made out to be following the World Cup and he certainly isn’t a player we can get a full season out of, due to his injury problems.

Ultimately, it would be great to see changes of heart from both of these players and to see them remain at Aston Villa Football Club for the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, if they have decided to leave then the powers that be need to act with the club’s best interests at heart.

We are in a precarious position at the moment and desperately need to start picking up points in order to climb up that table. It seems that luck is against us this season, which may prove to be a deciding factor come the run in. Every game is a six-pointer now!


  1. I would sell them if possible, theoreticaly we could live without both. Benteke is the most important player
    for us so we need to get him scoring. Danny Ings looks a good player and there is talk of the lad from Wolves being looked at too. The midfield should be ok the more games we play and we can recall Gary Gardiner if needed or play
    442. Sanchez and Cleverly are going to be ok for us and Westwood could get better too, its down to Mr Lambert and his, cough, tactics…

    I think Milner is out of contract soon too, sniff sniff please, etc.

    Oh and Benteke played for Belgium tonight, he looks in great shape but is still rusty, missed two fairly easy headers that he would usually score.

    both these players have been great for us when fit,,,,, but its football and players move on, we have to take advantage of the other teams players whose contracts are up

  2. Players leaving, out of favour, struggles against relegation. I forsee further struggle at Villa.

    Root and branch review required at the Villa.
    Trouble is, which division will we be playing in ?

  3. I would rather both of them leave as unsettled players in the dressing room can be a bloody nuisance.
    We have lost great players before and got over it so why worry especially as these pair spend nearly as much time in the treatment room as on the pitch. Not happy about the Jonas Ollson rumour. If he cannot get in the baggies team how is he the player we want???? Lets try for a Dutch or Belgium league player to bolster the defence weve shopped there before and done well. We then should focus all our attention on a goalscorer
    which we desperately need how many chances do Gabby and Wiemman need??? Danny Ings or Troy Deeney worth a shout. Until we get a goal scorer we are destined for the bottom six every year.


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