Here we go again…


Yesterday’s game was a bit of a disappointment, wasn’t it? We travelled up to Liverpool full of hope and maybe even feeling slightly confident. I maintained that we would at least see a good performance from the Villans. How wrong I was…

It was clear from the first minute that Lambert had set the team up to play for the draw, maybe stealing one on the break, which was very odd considering that we had Benteke back in the side and that the Blues haven’t exactly been shy of conceding goals this season. Nevertheless, there we were backing off, failing to close down and giving the ball away at every possible opportunity.

All three of the Toffees’ goals were poor. For the first, basic defending from a corner did not happen, for the second the goalkeeper was all over the place and I didn’t see the third, thanks to a tactically placed pillar! Well played, Goodison Park! I hear that goal number three was just as comical as the two that went before it.

Goodison Oct

I can’t get my head around Paul Lambert’s thinking at times. Why wasn’t Jack Grealish in the squad? Why didn’t he give Joe Cole a chance with twenty minutes to go? Why did Ciaran Clark replace Nathan Baker? For the love of God, please stop playing Clark! Jores Okore must have done something to upset Lambert because he’s fit now and, from the little I’ve seen of him, is a better player than either Clark or Baker yet he’s nowhere to be seen.

The Villans didn’t even look like they wanted to have a go yesterday. There was no cohesion and no team-work. It looked like we were happy to roll over and let Martinez’s men have their merry way with us.

A hopeful effort from Hutton was the closest we came to scoring in the first half and a disallowed goal from Benteke in the second half almost gave us something to shout about.

On the train home, there was a sense of it being the same old Villa, a different day. This team looked like the Villa of last season and was one we had not seen in the seven Premier League games played before yesterday afternoon. The lack of goals is becoming a major worry. Indeed, the lack of shots on target is even more worrying. I could go on – and on – about what the players need to do to improve but we are all too aware of what those things are. Sadly, the only one who seems oblivious to the fact that we need to improve tactically is Paul Lambert, whose new contract looks like an even crazier bit of business now.

Our next game is a massive one . The trip to Loftus Road will really show how far we have come and anything less than three points against QPR simply will not be good enough. No more excuses. No more “We go again”. Villans, it’s time to get the job done.



  1. Why we gave that moron of a manager a new contract beggers belief. I am so glad I did not renew my season ticket again. Worst team in Prem, boring team, boring manager.

  2. Really shocking performance yesterday and evidence if any was needed of the bankruptcy of Lambert’s ideas and I regret to say does not reflect well on Roy Keane either, just not working on any level!

    I did say at the time that once PL had signed a new contract Villa should make an immediate accounting provision of an equivalent amount for the payoff when he was eventually dismissed, sooner rather than later was obvious. How this contract could have even been offered suggests to me that Lerner is just plain hapless, incompetent even. You cannot reward someone who is just a yes man and tows the party line and has no ability.

    I hope that Tom Fox has assessed this farcical situation by now and ensures no funds are made available to Lambert in January or makes sure someone else is in place by then (David Moyes?). The money PL has wasted must be some sort of record.

    Tom, over to you!

    Tom, over to you

  3. Set up for a draw ? Why, oh why do fans assume the worst?

    Benteke takes several games to get up to speed but he never will unless he plays. Likewise, Vlaar was back after injury and seemingly not yet up to speed and of course Clark was on the bench rather than Okore who has not played for yonks.

    As for Grealish, well it’s been stated several times that he is going to be used sparingly this season as he is still young and the club does not want him to suffer from burn out before he has reached his full potential.
    The Toffees are always difficult to play against and their league position is misleading as they have got off to a slow start. As for Southampton, let’s just see how their season finishes as once Benteke is back to form we should start winning matches.

    As tough as it might be to accept the recent losses the overall team performance this season is better than last. But it will be interesting to see who heads out the door in January, hopefully starting with Zog , although a few of his fans were trying to defend his poor performance.

  4. Yesterday was totally predictable, the team has no goals in it but we will get better.

    No one is invincible from set peices, or corners and yesterday proved that.

    From what I saw these are my points:

    Cissokho pretty poor defensively and attacking

    2 mistakes = two goals, 3rd goal being particularily bad

    Clarke needs to improve – nuff said

    But more importantly no ability in the last third again. ALL POOR and we could not change our style of play

    We missed Delph yesterday, but Richardson and Cleverley were busy and along with Vlaar I thought did ok but we need more from midfield and the flanks, maybe Cole and Grealish can give us that

    Season starts now and 3 points against QPR would be a start but need to start scoring sharpish

  5. We should not expect to get a result against anyone in this league, you have to earn it. Like C Gale stated Everton are in a false position – you don’t become an awful team overnight. What concerns me is the lack of fight from our players. They seemed confined to the inevitable yesterday from the off. That’s not acceptable at any level. Sure we have had some bad luck with injuries and this season we have not had our best 11 playing together. However, it’s not like the lads coming in are pushing for a start and certain players aren’t stepping up, Zoggy and Gabby spring to mind. Then there’s Lambert’s exclusion of Okore and Grealish from the match day squad. I agree Grealish is young and raw and needs to be nutured carefully but against a team that up until yesterday were lacking in confidence what harm would it have done to give him a cameo? Then there’s no starting place for Sanchez. When none of our midfield were capable of protecting the back four it’s no surprise we were over run and saw hardly any of the ball. We need to learn to adapt. Not all teams will be caught out by counter attacking simply put, one dimensional play. If you’re set up right and half decent it is easy to play against us. In short people, I’m really concerned. I don’t see where the goals are coming from and that’s a big issue. Yes we have had some bad luck with injuries, but come the end of the season these excuses will not hold any weight. QPR will be a very tense affair, it wouldn’t surprise me if we end up drawing or losing the game narrowly. I hope we snap into gear very soon otherwise it is going to be a very long season.

  6. Sold all my season ticket games. Thanks Lambert, gets a contract then stops trying to win. I wanted to believe but it’s gone on too long now, negative football every week.

  7. Lambchop must GO. Pure and simple. I said it last season and I will say it this. The man is clueless. His tactical awareness is nil, zilch non-existent. I have seen better tactical awareness from our coach at Moorehead High School in North Carolina.

    I wasted 3.5K in travelling to this game. It’s the last time I do that. My wife saved our hard earned money from our Pension funds to pay for a surprise Birthday present. I watched Lambchop and I have seen more life in a ventriloquist dummy. Hey, maybe that is the problem – Keano does not have his hand up Lambchops backside operating him.

    What I can not understand is how he (Lambchop) managed to get a 4 year extension of his contract. Of course he could be getting peanuts. Is that not what they pay monkeys? No disrespect to any monkey reading this..

    I then visited my friend in London and we went to watch his team QPR in action against the Pool.
    If anyone is thinking this is an easy game for Villa, forget it. They played Liverpool off the field and were extremely unlucky to loose. So I guess Lambchop will set his team up to draw once again.

    Hard times are coming guys so be prepared. Unless Lambert goes we are heading into the depths of hell.


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