For a club with such a grand stadium in one of England’s largest cities, you would expect a day out at Villa Park to be one of the most expensive in the Premier League. However, this is far from the case.

In a recent study conducted by the BBC, a day out at Villa Park costs only £30.40, which includes a match ticket, a programme, a cup of tea and a pie. If we compare this to one of the most expensive days out at Stamford Bridge, where fans have to fork out £57.50 for the same day out, then there is not much to complain about.


Many Villa fans frequently question whether the cost of a day out at Villa Park is worth it, given what is put on show on the pitch. Chelsea and Arsenal are clubs that charge extortionate prices but have quality players on the pitch so, as Villa fans, we are paying for our loyalty to a team we all love.

Villa Park is the fifth cheapest stadium to visit for a day out and the club also sells the fifth cheapest ticket in the Premier League, costing £22. If we compare this to Arsenal’s highest ticket price – an outstanding £97 – then we really are paying peanuts to support our side.

Don’t get me wrong: the cost of a weekend supporting your team over the course of a season can cost a serious amount of money, especially if you have a family to bring along, but we are not being ripped off by extortionate Premier League prices.

If fans wanted to save more money by purchasing a season ticket, the cheapest one for this season cost £335. This is the third best priced season ticket in the Premier League and only Burnley (£329) and Manchester City (£299) provide more value for money over the course of a season. The average Premier League season ticket costs £508.55 while the most expensive one would set you back an unbelievable £2,013 At The Emirates. As it stands, a season ticket at Villa Park really does represent value for money in comparison with modern day Premier League prices.

Football is an expensive trade and is no longer priced for the working-class man. Prices are always rising and the average price of the cheapest Premier League season ticket has increased 8.7% since 2012, from £467.95 to £508.55.

I know it’s still not cheap and I know some people work hard to support our football club but, based on the BBC’s price of football study, the cost of supporting our club is not as high as some would have us believe.


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