With Benteke set to return to the Aston Villa squad, many Villa fans have forgotten that another target man, Libor Kozak, is also nearing a return.

The twenty-five-year-old has often been overshadowed by Benteke during his time at Villa and hasn’t really enjoyed a proper stint in the side because of Benteke’s brilliant form or through injury.

I for one am looking forward to seeing the Czech return to the side and feel that the sooner he returns the less pressure there will be on Benteke to perform. Libor Kozak is a quality striker who finished as top scorer in the Europa League a few years back, which proves why he could become a huge asset to our squad.

Kozak has only featured fourteen times for Villa, the majority of the time coming off the bench, and he has netted a total of four goals while wearing claret and blue. Many fans will expect Benteke to come back with a bang but this may not be the case. If Benteke is struggling to find the form that helped him make a name for himself then Kozak is more than capable of filling in for the Belgian.

At this moment in time, we are struggling to score goals and even to create chances. Agbonlahor is often isolated up front on his own and, as a side that rarely keep possession, there is no real outlet going forward. Kozak and Benteke not only have the ability to score a goal or two; they are both experts at keeping hold of the ball and relieving the pressure on the back four.

Another positive to take from the duo returning will be our threat from set pieces. So far, many of our dead ball chances have been wasted as there is no real physical presence inside the box bar our centre-backs. The duo are deadly in the air and are also not afraid to put themselves about and cause a nuisance in the box.

Let’s not rush these players back into action: at the minute we are sitting nicely in the league and we are not desperate. There is still a long way to go this season and, with the right treatment, both Benteke and Kozak will get their fair share of goals before the season ends. Both are recovering from serious injuries so don’t expect them to bang in goals from the off.

So forget about Benteke for a moment and consider another player who could make a real difference on his return. The best is still to come from Libor Kozak and I am sure, when given the chance to, he will score plenty of goals for Villa in the coming years.


  1. I for one was actually looking forward more to Kozak’s return than Benteke’s. One can only see that while both strikers are equally bullying presences in the box, Kozak also has some international experience, being the Europa League top scorer in 2012-13 with a hat trick against Stuttgart,while also having played ample quantity in International matches as he is effectively their only striker in recent times. Also,I don’t want Kozak to fade away because in the dark period for Aston Villa at the end of last season,his absence was almost equally felt as Benteke’s. Hence having Kozak back will be a big boost.
    And no,nobody forgets Kozak. He is some player at his best.

  2. i really dont know what your on about man.for me i know what benteke can do so im more interested in what kozak can do when fit. i reakon he ll be a big name at villa yet

  3. I am a big fan of Kozak. Not the best footballer in the world but he showed a real knack for a goal when he was fit. Once we get him and Benteke back we could really climb the table.


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