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After a poor few years in the Premier League, who would have thought that after the first four games of the season we would be sitting second, unbeaten and with the best defensive record in the league? Can we carry on this good form this weekend when The Gunners come to Villa Park? I have asked Arsenal supporters on Gooners World about their club and tomorrow’s fixture.

1) How do you feel the summer transfer dealings have gone for Arsenal?

The players we brought in are good (maybe not Welbeck but at least he suits us better than Giroud) but it’s the transfers we didn’t make that are hurting us the most. Against Dortmund we had only one defender on the bench (and he had tonsillitis), while we had a kid at right back making his first ever start for us against one of the best sides in Europe. Everyone could see we badly needed a defender once we sold Vermaelen but we didn’t get one. The same goes for a holding midfielder. There aren’t many sides in the league that have a worse starting defensive midfielder than us and, for a side that supposedly has title ambitions, that is ridiculous.

2) Arsene Wenger has done a brilliant job for Arsenal over the years. Do you think he is  still the man for you if you want to compete in the Premier League and the Champions League?

I think so, I’m not 100% sure though. He needs to concentrate more on the here and now and less on player development for us to compete at the top table. There are some signs that this team could be special, but the players need to click soon or we will be left behind this season.

3) What are your thoughts on Cesc Fabregas joining Chelsea?

There’s not really much we could/should have done about it. If we’d signed him just to stop him going to Chelsea, it would just be another luxury signing. We’re well and truly stacked in central midfield; buying him would have meant leaving out a £42 million player (Ozil), a £30 million player (Cesc) or our best player last season (Ramsey).

However, I can’t help but feel that if we hadn’t splashed out on Ozil last season, and instead signed a striker or holding midfielder like we really needed to, then we would have been in a good position to move for Fabregas this summer.

4) Jack Wilshere was seen as one of the best young talents a few years ago but has failed to live up to his potential. Why do you think that is?

He had a very long injury layoff and he’s still very young so fluctuations in form are normal. For what it’s worth, I think he’s been one of our best players so far this season.

5) Where do you think Arsenal will finish in the Premier League this season?

Third to fifth. Chelsea’s squad is well beyond ours, City’s is considerably better too, so they’re the top two. We’re roughly on a par with United and Liverpool. I think it’ll be fourth again for us – groundhog season.

6) Who do you consider to be the best and worst signings in the Premier League this summer?

The best is Diego Costa – exactly what they needed, scoring lots already and linking up so well with Cesc.

The worst is Adam Lallana. I think he’s so overrated and overpriced at £25 million. Coutinho can already play there as can Markovic so really don’t think he’ll be a key player.

7) What are your thoughts on the situation at Villa, looking on from the outside?

I haven’t been paying much attention to you to be honest but you seem to have started well. You don’t appear to be playing all that well but the results have been good (let’s face it, beating Liverpool at Anfield is always impressive).

8) Which Aston Villa player would you like to have in your Arsenal team and why?

Not a player but Roy Keane: our layers are molly coddled too much after bad performances.

9) Which player should Aston Villa fear this weekend and why?

Sanchez works like the Duracell Bunny,he never stops.

10) What is your match prediction?

I think it’ll be a scrappy match, 1-1.

Extra time:

Apple or Android?

Android – free market all the way.

McDonald’s or KFC?

KFC – Spicy wings all day long.

Thanks to all the members of GoonersWorld for participating in this week’s Opposition View.

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