Vacancies and Vagaries


Before the start of the World Cup, news broke that Roy Keane was in talks with Aston Villa regarding the vacant assistant manager’s job. However, several weeks have passed and talk of Roy Keane has diminished. Several media outlets reported that the deal would be confirmed when Roy Keane returned from America with the Republic of Ireland, which obviously has not happened yet.

Villa fans voiced their opinions when the story broke, showing that Keane’s potential appointment had split opinion.

Roy Keane was a leader for Manchester United and has received praise from his former team-mates. David Beckham said that Keane “set the example for us young kids.” This quote does not present Keane as the bully to his team-mates Sir Alex Ferguson portrayed him as in his autobiography.

I feel Roy Keane would bring a different approach to the coaching team as it seems that Lambert is too mellow, as was evident in his post-match interviews after the team lost, all too often, last season.

Keane would bring experience as a player, a manager and also as an assistant manager for the Republic of Ireland to B6. As a manager, he didn’t have the success he might have hoped for so joining Aston Villa’s coaching team would give him the opportunity to rebuild his reputation.

Keane is a natural leader, who would bring passion to the training ground and also keep some players’ feet on the ground.

However, he has had an aggressive, volatile past. One famous example of his aggression was his attempt to get ‘revenge’ on then Manchester City midfielder Alf-Inge Håaland: Keane effectively ended the Norwegian midfielder’s career and openly admitted he didn’t feel any remorse about the offending challenge. Is that hostility what we need in a possibly frail dressing room after the Ian Culverhouse and Gary Karsa ordeal? Players may be intimidated by him. After falling out with Keane, Jonathan Walters, then of Ipswich Town, claims he had to take a picture of his vomit in order to prove that he was ill. This led to an argument as Roy Keane stripped Walters of his captain’s armband before the Irish international was shipped out to Stoke City. However, the pair have since made up and Walters recently donned the captain’s armband for Ireland in the side’s 5-1 defeat to Portugal.

Personally, I would be happy with the appointment of Roy Keane, as he will come in with a fresh approach. I feel that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and if he is appointed he should be given the full support of the Villa fans.

Just as Villa fans realised that there is much the likes of Fabian Delph, Villa’s ‘player of the season’, could learn from a midfield maestro like Keane, online rumours surfaced, suggesting that Keane’s talks with Villa have stalled as he seeks assurances that his role would be secure after a takeover occurs.

It seems that Aston Villa Football Club remains in an uneasy limbo – somewhere between comedy and tragedy – with no real indication as yet whether the bar will be raised or lowered.





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  1. It’ll change nothing. Culverhouse was meant to be the genius behind lambert’s success at Norwich and then gordon cowans was also lauded. Can’t see Keane doing anything better. Was an awful manager too.

  2. Keane will ensure a septic dressing room – no good at any level with people. Please take Lambert out of any decision making capacity NOW – Keane,Senderos, Joe Cole, no real push for Lescott-just to list the last few weeks blunders!!!

    Hapless does not do it
    All very depressing and looking at the pics of the two US slobs who are interested in buying us I have really fallen out of love with the Villa and they have possibly killed my interest in the game completely!


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