Roy Keane As Lambert’s Assitant Manager?



Yesterday brought fresh rumours and this time the suggestion was that Paul Lambert and Aston Villa Football Club have approached the former Manchester United captain Roy Keane, with a view to appointing him as assistant manager.

A few days ago, Roy Keane was strongly linked with the vacant manager’s job at Celtic, after Neil Lennon called time on his stint in the Scottish hot seat a few weeks ago.

At present, Roy Keane is the Republic of Ireland coach, under former Villa boss Martin O’Neil.

My first thought on hearing the news was that this could actually be a very good opportunity to bring in someone of Roy Keane’s pedigree, someone who has a winner’s mentality, a strong personality and was able to lead men on the football pitch. Keane was captain of a Premier League side that dominated the league and has multiple winners’ medals.

Could he be the man we are looking for?

At the moment, all we have is speculation from a few sources but if it were to come off I think most fans would be happy to see Keane as part of the Villa coaching set-up. Our midfield arguably lacks bite, grit and determination. I see those qualities in Delph at times but maybe with Keane as a coach we would see Delph take on more responsibility in the middle of the park and start controlling games.

One thing that Roy Keane does have is respect: opposition players feared him and his team-mates listened to him when he had something to say. Some could argue that he is possibly too ‘extreme’ but I think he’s exactly the type of character we need. We need someone to teach these players that, regardless of the opposition, you have to get stuck in. Whether you’re playing a lower league team or the Premier League champions, you have to hustle and harass the opposition to cause them to make mistakes and exert pressure to intimidate the opposition, throwing players off their natural game.

One thing is certain: after Karsa and Culverhouse were sacked, there are vacancies in the Villa management set-up. Lambert is reportedly actively looking to bring in someone who is influential, as that person will probably be with the players for most of the training during the season.

The rumours also say that Keane would still be able to fulfill his Republic of Ireland duties as a coach and still be able to commit to his Champions League media appearances as a pundit for ITV. While his Premier League management experience is limited, he’s still got a lot to offer in terms of coaching. There are some things that can’t be taught, like natural skill or talent, but there are others that can, like how to be a menace and get into the heads of the opposition, which Keane excelled and which was a factor in Sir Alex Ferguson’s successes as a manager.

It’s ironic that we sack Culverhouse because of alleged bullying and then are reportedly trying to bring in Roy Keane to replace him! You couldn’t make this stuff up, could you?

The online football betting suggests that he could well be Paul Lambert’s assistant very soon, especially after he quit his role as a ITV pundit this week.

Would Keane be a good appointment as a number two to Lambert or is this a bad idea? Let us know your thoughts.


  1. Did anyone ever say Roy Keane is a bully?

    He’s straight talking and no nonsense and was previously prone to leaving people out for three weeks for not playing well.

    Culverhouse did not come from working under two of the best managers in the history of the game in England – Clough and Ferguson. They didn’t coddle players either.

  2. Heres a worrying thought.

    A person of Keanes caliber coming to Villa.

    Randy admires Lambert.

    Is there a clause in the sale saying Lambert must stay for rest of his contract. EEEEWWWWWW shudders at the thought.

  3. Not sure this a good move while some of our players do need discipline I’m not sure Keane’s the right man for the job. Even though he is not number one his record at coach/manager level is awful great player rubbish manager/coach.

    • Thomas Woods, where did you get your stats from on that one?
      42% win rate at Sunderland plus 17 draws from 100 games. If you put that into a full Premier League season of 38 games he would finish the season 54.33 points.

      I don’t think he was a great manager but to suggest he was awful makes me wonder do you just read public opinion and pass their views off as your own?

  4. Hope this isn’t true. Keane was a good player but has shown little evidence he has what it take to coach or manage a team.

    The most worrying prospect is he comes as assistant, Lambert gets fired and Keane gets the top job. A lot of people, might not trust Lamberts ability as manager but he’s a hell of a lot better than keane!


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