Realistic Summer Signings


Rumours are rife regarding possible transfers, as is the case every summer. Footballers’ names are being thrown around and links made to clubs they could join. This keeps everyone going during the closed season. This summer, Aston Villa Football Club is in an unusual situation, with the club for sale. As things stand, it is not unreasonable to imagine that any incoming players this summer will need to be acquired as cheaply as possible. However, experienced, quality players are needed. Finding quality players at the right price could prove problematic but I’ve found three players who could bolster the Villa squad without breaking the budget.

First on my list is Martin Kelly. Kelly currently plies his trade at Anfield but he hasn’t had much game time lately. The full back is being kept out of Liverpool’s starting XI by England international Glen Johnson. It is safe to say that the 24-year-old could really do with some more first team, top flight football next season. He’s got a point to prove and a season long loan move to Villa could see him prove that point while potentially helping Aston Villa Football Club to enjoy a successful season. Kelly has made sixty-one first team appearances for Liverpool and has scored one goal. He also has one England cap.

Joleon Lescott is a player I have referred to previously. The big centre back is available on a free after finding himself out of favour at Manchester city for most of the 2013/14 season. As many of you will be aware, Lescott grew up in Birmingham. Aston Villa is said to be the 31-year-old’s boyhood club so if we were to sign him I’m sure we’d see plenty of passion – something we’ve been crying out for! The wealth of experience he has, and could pass on to some of our younger players, could prove invaluable.

The third and final player on my list of potential signings is Mohammed Sissoko. Sissoko is available on a free transfer from Levante. The 29-year-old midfielder isn’t short of Premier League experience, having spent three seasons at Liverpool. During his time at Liverpool, Sissoko won the UEFA Super Cup, the Community Shield and the F.A. Cup. He’s played for some of the top European clubs including the likes of Valencia, Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain. It now looks as though Sissoko’s career is fizzling to an end so he could be good value for money and might welcome a return to the Premier League.


  1. There’s no such thing as signing out of contract players for free as they or more likely their agents usually demand a signing on fee! And then there is the little matter or not so little matter of their wages for the season and I seem to recollect Lescott is currently on £80k/week – more than double what Leicester have offered Albrighton to lure him away, as Villa were not prepared to match the £35k he’s reputedly been offered.

  2. I understand that there is no such thing as a completely free transfer. When the term ‘free transfer’ is used it means that there is no transfer fee being paid. The only money being paid would be potential fees to agents and obviously wages. As for Lescott, I’m pretty sure he understands he’s going to have to take a wage cut. No other club would pay him what City have and I’m pretty sure he’d be well aware of this. If he’s expecting to still be on the same wage then I doubt he’ll be signing for anyone this summer but I’m sure he has some common sense.

  3. Just read an interesting article on Leicester City in WSC’s May issue.
    Rob Langham, the writer, mentioned Nigel Pearson’s ability to work creatively with the players he’s got. This was down to financial constraints of both FFP and the previous high spending at the club – with little to show for it.
    Players, who initially struggled to convince fans, Langham writes, blossomed in the knowledge that there was less competition for places. A settled team along with a policy of slow, sustainable development were of primary importance.
    Looking back over some of our most successful, recent years, shows squads of about 21-25, with the same 11-14 players being used nearly every week.
    As Division 3 champions in 1971/72 the same 12 names crop up. When we came 4th in Division 1 in 1976/77, a regular 14 players were used. The League was won in 80/81 with only 14! Second place finishes in Division 1 in 1990 and in 1993’s Premier League were secured with the regular use of 11 players, albeit supplemented with players from the squads of 21.
    It’s not all about buying players. (Think of the duds we’ve bought – especially after a major tournament!) Sometimes you just got to work with what you’ve got. That demands imagination and a system that works around your players strengths.
    Look where Leicester are now.

  4. Im slightly baffled by these suggested signings,Johnson was being kept out of the team at Liverpool by Martin Kelly until Kelly got injured,the reason he has struggled towards the end of the season to get game time was due to lack of fitness-Liverpool are going to offload Johnson this summer Kelly will fancy his chances at playing there.Moving to Villa for him makes no sense.
    Joeleen Lescot would be fantastic and from the rumours is believed to want to stay in premier league and willing to take a paycut however how much of a paycut is the issue.Also would he really have the heart for a midtable season or worse a relegation battle-especially after big money days plying his trade at the top end of the premier league.

    Mohammed Sissoko,the name alone will make Liverpool shudder and cringe with dispear at the thoughts that this lad once played for them.Cant pass Cant tackle and doesnt score ! Hes worse than what we have at the moment.
    Gareth Barry would be a far better target.(not sure how long is left on his contract)


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