Who Should Go This Summer?


With safety confirmed, there is time for Villa fans to dream of an exciting summer involving a new owner, a new manager and big spending. For now, all talk of a takeover is speculation but I believe the rumours are close to the truth so I thought I would take a look at who should go this summer and their potential replacements.

If Paul Lambert is to leave this summer, I have drawn up a list of potential replacements. Our motto is ‘Prepared’, after all!

I certainly do not want to see David Moyes at the club but his name has been muttered by many fans. He achieved nothing at United or Everton in all honesty.

Malky Mackay was unjustly sacked by Cardiff, in my opinion. His tactics are not bad and, with a good budget, he could be the man for us.

My top two preferred replacements are Glenn Hoddle and Michael Laudrup. Both men know what they are doing. Laudrup was sacked unfairly, in my opinion. He knows how to find a good buy: look at Michu, Bony and De Guzman.

Hoddle wants a job in the Premier League again. Is he right for Villa? I think so. Tactically, he has been strong in the past and he knows how to work the youth system well. I believe he would be a popular choice despite his Wolverhampton links.

If we suddenly find ourselves rolling in money, we could also try to reel in Claudio Ranieri or Rafael Benitez.

Regardless of who owns or manages Aston Villa Football Club this summer, it is time for number of players to leave and they will have to be replaced.

Enda Stevens was never going to make it. He was given false hope by McLeish and now it is time for him to say goodbye. He is not good enough for the Premier League and I do not think he will be a Villa player next season.

Joe Bennett needs to mature considerably as a defender if he is to be a Premier League player. Going forward he is great but he cannot defend well enough. Maybe we could loan him out or make the sale and put a sneaky buy back clause in his deal if he does develop.

We have not seen much of Antonio Luna and we have youth players coming through who could be the next Ashley Cole. Luna has not settled in well and has never really looked assured in the Villa starting XI so he is the third choice right back at present.

Incredibly, Alan Hutton is still a Villa player somehow. He has not played for Villa for a very long time now and is real dead wood. We failed to move him on last summer but maybe this summer we will have more luck. He is almost certain to leave, no matter how unfairly some believe he has been treated.

With his contract expiring and not having justified a contract extension, Chris Herd is likely to be leaving. Perhaps he has been a little unlucky considering his personal reasons for time off but in footballing terms he is not good enough.

I feel sorry for Gary Gardner: his injuries have really hampered any progress. I have mulled over Gardner for a long time. Does he stay or does he go? You decide for me.

I will buy Grant Holt his train ticket back to Wigan to make sure his loan deal does not turn into a permanent one. His goal aside, he’s been useless to us.

Nathan Delfouneso seems to be robbing a living and is not destined for greatness. He should be peaking soon but that is not going to happen. His loan spells have been less than fruitful. We have a player primed for a brighter future in Callum Robinson, rendering Delfouneso surplus to requirements.

Please, please, please, will somebody buy Bent? Anyone Just take him. he is an absolute burden on the club and must be sold. He is lazy and has been unpopular at Fulham so expect no permanent deal there despite Fulham Football Club’s relegation to the Championship. He is not the player he was in the past and he really cannot put chances away. Remember Harry Redknapp’s infamous interview after a Darren Bent miss? He said, “My missus could have scored that.” it sums up Darren Bent’s current attitude well.

I considered adding Benteke to this list but I decided against it. Maybe this injury and missing out on the World Cup will get him fired up for his return in October time. He will be a real asset next season when firing on all cylinders with different players around hi,.

Potential signings

With Okore and Vlaar, we could have a strong defensive base but Steven Caulker is a better defender than Vlaar and he is a leader.

Gareth Barry is a real leader who loves Aston Villa Football Club. He is tenacious and it is time for him to be reunited with the Villa faithful.

Lewis Holtby has fantastic ability, despite Magath’s harsh words at the weekend, and he is definitely the sort of player we should be targeting this summer.

Ashkan Dejagah caused us nightmares a when he faced Fulham and he has been Fulham’s star player this summer. We should move quickly for him as a good World Cup will place him in the limelight.

We need a striker but who? I want you to help with this one too. Lots of names have been thrown in the ring but could we give Robinson his chance and hope Kozak and Benteke work well next season?

What are your opinions on the summer transfer dealings required?


  1. For God’s sake, think BIG – Laudrup, Klinsman, yes, even Guardiola. No more dross – Moyes, Lambert, Hoddle, God help us. Think Big Big. In with the new board, new manager, new team now.

  2. Every player in the first 25 should be sold barring

    and some of the fringe players like Grealish, Robinson, Donacien etc

    But all of the rest including

    El Achmady
    N’zobia (swap for Ben Arfa)

    All need to be purged from our club, they are not good enough, in fact the likes of Baker, Tonev, Bennett, Sylla, Luna are not good enough to play in a top 10 championship level team!

  3. I agree with a lot you say but I’m not 100% sure about Kozak reminds me a bit of Crouch bit to lanky to be anything but a box striker when Bowery with a bit more experience looks a better choice showed some good pace and held the ball up well

  4. two things i agee with dejagah & barry the thing about barry people miss is if his wages are too high you could try and tempt him with a long contract as slow players go on for ever you just have to keep an eye on his ars as sheringham was naturally lean barry needs to watch the carbs & dejagah stood out as soon as i saw him. thanks dave

  5. Luna, ElHam, tonev, Helenius, bent, Hutton, n’nokia. These guys should be sold, not like we’d get alot of money for the lot.
    I feel sorry for gardener, I hope the guy goes on to be a great player.
    We need a solid cb, really lost faith in vlaar, when your ‘leader’ turns his back on challenges, sets the tone for the rest of the team, I’ve also seen canal boats turn quicker than him.
    A player who’s comfortable receiving the ball under pressure in the middle. And can spray a ball about.
    I don’t think we need alot, just some quality for the youngers to feed off, players to look upto and admire.
    Or just some ridiculously rich owner, who’ll buy Messi, and solve all our problems.

  6. We should keep Westwood too, he often goes unnoticed.

    Maybe Guus Hiddink as manager? Although I do like PL and feel he could do better with more money.

  7. The current team is pathetic and 75% of the squad need replacing. Keep Guzan Vlaar Delph Okore and Benteke and a few promising young players and dump the rest. But getting rid of Lerner and Lambert would be the iceing on the cake

  8. Add Benteke to the list… Can’t be serious other than that this was a good read and Laudrup for me if Lambert went. UTV!

  9. I’m a season ticket holder at Celtic and also a proud Villa fan, always have been and I honestly think Gary Hooper would be an outstanding signing. I know what you guys think of the SPL haha and quite rightly so at times but even in the Champions League Gary was outstanding. Brilliant at holding the ball up and links well with others. Since he’s gone Stokes has struggled which shows just how important Gary was alongside him. I think he and Weimann would have a great connection. Norwich haven’t given him a chance and yet he is still their top scorer apart from Snodgrass I believe? He wouldn’t cost a bomb either!

    • Good shout. I think it could work although we may be wanting to look at a more proven striker to keep the fans happy, but it certainly would make sense.

  10. This whole article is filled with unknowns, we don’t know if the club will be sold, if sold who will buy it and how much money will they have to invest, will they know anything about football. You might as well have talked about your game of Football Manager for all the realism.

  11. Many people may disagree, but I actually think this Villa squad is decent. Not world beaters, but decent. They have just struggled badly under two years of Paul Lambert.

    Please judge this Villa squad within a stable environment. Not the continual struggle against relegation.

    I’ve seen poorer Premier League squads. Lambert’s inability to combine proven experience with youth has created many of the problems at the Villa.

    You cannot keep putting kids in the firing line.

  12. I think u lot are forgetting the start of the season when lambett had a full team to pick from 3-1 win away to arsnel the chelsea game which in my eye we should have won and then liverpool after that injury hit I dont think are back four our bad if all fit if we can buy him of chelsea we just could do with a real play maker in midfield some one older may be Barry or Milner would settle those young boys down

  13. You need to talk about this at the end of season. I think SOME of these so called Villa fans need a reality check (if they are Villa fans). We are not a LONDON club and I can only think they must be left wing t**ts with Red Ed as their God. MONEY mate – say no more. Just got the wage bill down a bit after O’Neilll’s crazy deals. Why should the owner pump his own money in regardless? CLUB HAS TO STAND ON IT’S OWN FEET. Catch 22-bums on seats-ticket price comparison. Club needs stability with Paul Lambert and all the current players as they are young. Bring in a bit of experience sure and GET BEHIND THE TEAM.

  14. Ifs buts and maybes.

    TBH the whole squad needs to be kicked up the jacksy. Remember who they are playing for, pride will cover up a lack of ability. The chairman will dictate where the club is going early nxt wk. If he sells it needs to be to someone who is willing to invest in the squad, which will bring its own problems because any transfer with new owner will suddenly double in price not to mention wages. Stupid as it sounds but our biggest problem might be keeping our better players, Delph, Guzan, Vlaar and Benteke. As for the rest, Villa will be lucky to get any bids for them never mind selling them, League 1 sides haven’t that sort of money

  15. If the new owner is Larry Ellison there is no way he will allow Lambert to remain as manager. The stats dont lie, crap team, crap. Empty Villa Park.

  16. We have some really poor players, that are simply not good enough, players such as Tonev, Baker, Luna, Albrighton, El Achmady, Bennett and Kozak. Then we have a bunch of lazy, money grabbing, only in it for self players like N’Zogbia, Gabby and Hutton, that are not fit to wear the shirt. Then we have some that I am not sure about are quite up to the level such as Westwood, Bacuna, Lowton and Helenuis. That means that we need around from 8 up to 12 players for the first team and the bench.
    Can a club lose some many players, afford to bring in that many new players, who can gel and compete in the top 8 at the first time of asking? I am not sure. What I am sure of is that we need a new manager to oversee the new or old players because the current manager not only has a clear lack of ability at this level but his philosophy clearly lacks vision, insight, understanding or clarity.

  17. While I agree that 80% of the team is not good enough, and the manager is also not good enough,I think witht the current owner we would be very lucky to get the players mentioned below, totally agree with the Hoddle and Laudrup links tho.

  18. Regardless of who does or doesn’t takes over club, we need to isolate some good players before the worlds cup and sign them.

    We need a good centre back. Either someone mature and fully developed to possibly challenge Vlaar and Okore, or someone old and experienced who is going to be reliable cover when we need him. Some names that come to mind are Dejagah, Heitinga, Caulker or Bassong.

    We also need a minimum of two new midfielders, as I believe we only have 2 or 3 at the moment. A proper left midfielder would be ideal. Someone like Hatem Ben Arfa or Assaidi could be options.

    With these acquisitions, we could free up Weimann and Gabby and allow them to play as strikers and not left wingers, therefore a new striker might not be necessary.

    Oh well, whatever will be will be.

  19. I agree with comments from Thomas, maybe he should become the next manager and start get rid of all these players!

    They have a fair chance to prove themselves and their just not good enough to play in the PL!!!

  20. Joe Bennett needs to mature ? Yes but he aint a full back. Playing him in that position is pressurizing the lad unduly. He could be a very good attacking midfielder given the right guidance. Good left foot and he’s no slouch either. Bacuna, again not a left back – played out of position in my opinion. Baker and Clark not good enough both a liability. Vlaar average but with quality alongside him would improve. Westwood and Weimann good honest players with a good engines, can only improve. Okore? Well he looked assured before his injury so keep him. Tony Moon – not convinced. Gabby, again he is played out of position he aint a winger. Play him up front with Benteke with Weimann just behind THEN you will see the real Gabby. Delph – no brainer, best midfielder we’ve got. Albrighton, has been treated shoddily by Lambo. He has got all the attributes that Gabby lacks as a winger. Offer him a new deal.
    Sylla. I dont know what his best position is but if I were to make a choice i’d say get rid. Guzan and Steer Keep. Bent, Holte, dump em.

    Ive heard that the owner of Oracle computers has been spotted at Villa Park. HE IS THE 5TH RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD ! ! Our new owner ???
    Lawrence Joseph “Larry” Ellison (born August 17, 1944) is an American businessman, best known as the co-founder and chief executive officer of Oracle Corporation, an enterprise software company. In 2014, Forbes listed him as the third-wealthiest man in America and as the fifth-wealthiest person in the world, with a fortune of $48 billion.[2]
    I’M HOPING ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘!!!

  21. As most have already stated most of the players are nowhere near good enough, we basically have a championship level squad that has done just enough to survive but we need real quality to make the team real challengers. The only players worth keeping are Delph, Benteke, Guzan, Okores and Vlaar. That means we need 14 to 15 players, which would cost a lot but after years of lack of investment, we need real quality.

    And I for one want Gabbby, Albrighton, Baker, Bennett, Luna etc all gone from my club.
    I want Caulker, Micah Richards, Lescott, Tadic, Luis Muriel, Firmino, Fofana, N’Zonsi, Barry, to give our club some class


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