Who Will Clinch Player Of The Year?


I know that the majority of Villa fans would rather different kinds of awards were handed out this year and the ‘Player of the Year’ seems to be a myth for Villa this season but the reality is the awards ceremony has to go ahead.

We are now approaching the end of the 2013-14 campaign and the Villans have yet to secure their Premier League safety. That statement alone suggests that no player should be handed the ‘Player of the Year’ award.

The position of such a huge football club at this moment in time is a major concern, with proclamations of ‘The Villans are too big to go down’ and ‘Villa should be in the upper echelons of the league’ on endless repeat.

With the Villa team losing a record ten home games for the first time in Aston Villa Football Club’s history and with performances that have meant we deserve to be in our current predicament, it is very difficult to pick a stand-out performer.

However, who is realistically in contention to take the crown?

Fabian Delph is a player who has shown tremendous ability. The midfielder has taken a step up in his career this season, which has led to whispers of an England call-up. His energy and work ethic are vital for the team and he has shown he also has a goal or four in him – three of which have been vital. There is no question that he will be in the running.

When missing, the team look lost without captain Ron Vlaar. His presence at the back certainly helps. However, there have still been major concerns about the defence again this season. On his day, there is no doubt that the skipper is a real asset to the team and some performances this season have highlighted his importance but his performances in recent weeks have seen his chances slip.

Leandro Bacuna started the season superbly with some spectacular set-pieces and exceptional versatility, which most certainly put him in the running. The Dutchman has taken the opportunities in his stride and has performed solidly at times whereas his performance in other games have made him look poor. It isn’t easy coming to England and adapting as well as he has done, which is why compliments should be passed on. For my first ever avillafan article back in August, I predicted that Bacuna would be a dark horse to take the crown and I still think that is the case.

Unfortunately for the club, last year’s ‘Players’ Player of the Year’ Brad Guzan, Players’ Young Player of the Year Christian Benteke and Supporters’ Young Player of the Year Andreas Weimann don’t look set to retain any of these titles, with performances well below the standard of last season or the player halted by injury.

If Marc Albrighton had started the season free from injury, stayed at Villa and performed the way he has done in recent weeks then perhaps he would also be in contention.

Who gets your vote? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


  1. Without doubt it will be Delph. Westwood is overlooked as a side passing player yet all the stats suggest otherwise – read in to that what you want.

    I don’t agree with Bacuna one bit. Take away the goals he has scored and I would love to know what people see in him. At right back he is constantly caught out of position while in midfield he has no impact on the game. That’s my opinion though.

  2. Delph and Bacuna started well but have had an average 2nd half of the season.
    No forwards have done anywhere near enough.
    The midfield have been non existant for the best part of the campaign.
    The defence have leaked goals throughout….BUT….It’s evident (perhaps not in the last handful but I’m not sure its down to him) but Vlaar has been a revelation at times and if it not had been for the impact he had upon his return from injury, we may well already be down!

  3. There was talk of voting for Helenius / Okore or anyone not involved this season in protest over the teams performances. Norwich supporters are to vote for a reserve keeper who hasn’t played at all this season. But I do hope we don’t go down this route because in my opinion, Delph should get the vote. A protest vote would rob him of recognition for his efforts and unbelievable work rate he has shown.

  4. It has to be Delph but with one caviat (Stan Collymores word) He started well, got better then peaked with a brilliant performance V Chelski. BUT then along with the rest of the team thought he had ‘made it’ Since that game not one player can be singled out for any kind of praise. Maybe we should vote for Player of the first 3/4 of the season.

  5. The Number 11 bus. Like the players it goes round in circles but at least its useful.

    But if I must, a player we will be lucky to hold on to,if change does not occur,

    Fabian Delph.

  6. Bacuna is one of the worst players i have ever seen as bad as Nigel Callaghan..Player of the season eaisy Jordon Bowery!!!

  7. One point from six league games without him tells its own story.
    The big Dutchman gets my vote.

  8. It has to be Vlaar. Delph was great at times but Vlaar showed leadership and held a very young and inexperienced defence together this season. We would have been relegated had it not been for Vlaar.

    He is my player of the season!

  9. Vlaar has generally looked solid when he has played free of injury. He is much needed to Clark in check and additionally when he plays the likelihood that Baker gets a game is substantially reduced; always a bonus.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Westwood get the players’ player as he offers a great deal to the team that I think a lot of people overlook. Delph’s efforts are a little more visual in that he is more likely to try to take players on and was exceptional against Chelsea. Having said that he is prone to try “too much”.

    I don’t feel there is anyone else that gets a look in. Bacuna I don’t think has the ability to play in the premier league, although right back is clearly not his favoured position. Weimann is perhaps the most over-rated villa player for a long time. Agbonlahor has offered very very little. Very disappointing year and one in which we have actually gone backwards. Not too sure Lambert has the answers. Will be interesting to see what happens over the summer.


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