Does Lambert deserve a fresh start?


Paul and Randy

With the rumour mill in full swing regarding a possible takeover of Aston Villa Football Club, many fans grew cautiously optimistic about the future, particularly when newspapers such as ‘The Telegraph’ and ‘The Guardian’ picked up on the rumours.

More fuel was added to the fire when our chairman, Randy Lerner, who rarely comments publicly on matters regarding Aston Villa, released a statement in which did not categorically deny the takeover rumours. Instead, he claimed he would address the future at the end of the season. He backed Paul Lambert and actually confirmed that he was the one who had set the strict parameters that Lambert is trying his best to work within. He also said that it was a shame that players such as Libor Kozak, Christian Benteke, Jores Okore and Charles N’Zogbia all suffered long term injuries, which limited what Lambert has been able to achieve.

Yesterday brought more rumours, which led to fans speculating about the manager’s job at Aston Villa if a takeover occurs. What may happen is that new owners would decide to keep the current manager in place for a limited time to see if he can step up to the plate. They may then sack him within the first six months, bringing in their own man.

If the takeover does indeed happen at the end of the season, assuming we are not relegated, will Paul Lambert be given time and funds to build another team? In my opinion, it is a real possibility – and here’s why.

It has been reported that Lerner is a fan of Lambert’s work and that he has a genuinely strong bond with the Scot. His statement confirmed that. If negotiations are taking place, I think Lerner may already have asked potential new owners to stick with Lambert, just to prove that with money he can turn things around. I would not be opposed to this: I know the football has been shocking at times but then I remember that Lambert has had to create a new squad – to compete in the Premier League – with ‘only’ £40 million.

When Lambert has had money to spend, he has bought some duds – but they are inexpensive duds. When you’re shopping for bargains, you’re bound to find that some products may not work, which it seems has been the case with players like Tonev, Bowery and Sylla as they have all struggled to adapt.


At the same time, Lambert has made some savvy purchases, acquiring a number of decent players relatively cheaply. Leandro Bacuna has been a great signing, as has Ashley Westwood – and both have been important members of the starting XI this season. I’m sure Jores Okore will prove to be a good signing as well but unfortunately he suffered a long term injury so the jury’s still out. We all know about Benteke but many overlook the fact that Ron Vlaar was a pivotal signing also. There is certainly evidence that Paul Lambert has an eye for talent.

People should also remember that we were linked with quality players as well, players we at least enquired about. The one I regret us not being able to sign was Phillipe Coutinho, who has been a revelation at Liverpool. We also reportedly made an enquiry for Wilfried Bony before we signed Benteke and who can forget the Belhanda saga? Hopefully, if new owners do arrive at Villa Park and do take a chance on Lambert, he’ll be able to bring in players like those named above, who can win games with moments of individual brilliance.

If Lambert is to be told that his services are no longer required, I sincerely hope that we get a manager who knows how to motivate his players and who can make shrewd purchases. I want to see a manager who is not afraid to implement his plan B and change things as soon as he wants to.

At present, this is all hypothetical and we need to see what happens in the next chapter of Aston Villa’s history but what do you think? Does Lambert deserve to keep his job and be given a big transfer kitty if the rumoured takeover goes ahead or is it time for a complete change? Share your views by commenting below.


  1. Definitely not. His win % is 26 and has only won 10 home games from 37. He demanded Culverhouse and Karsa came here. They have worked for him for almost 2 seasons. They are his responsibility. He can’t suddenly absolve himself of them. 100% deserves the sack for a record worse than Chris Hughton’s at Norwich.

  2. Well! If we are to have new owners I hope they will show some commitment towards buying known players, as I just don’t see how long we will survive in the prem the way we are buying unknown names! As a long standing Villa supporter going through thick and thin, we need some good news and some inspiration. The task at the moment is not getting relegated, everything is crossed we wont! Be interesting watching over the summer break. Come on lads!

  3. The current Villa Park scenario is an absolute shambles, a total mess, from top to bottom. Lambert is an extremely integral part of that shambles. As with Randy Lerner and his immediate cohorts, the sooner Paul Lambert hits the exit door, the better.

    Just hope and pray that when these jokers finally do depart, AVFC remains a Premier League team.

  4. As bad as Lamberts record is I can’t help but think the guy should be cut some slack. The injuries to his key signings cannot be underestimated nor can what Lerner describes as ‘perameters’ he has been working under. I know I’ll get pelters for this but it’s my honest opinion.

  5. With this takeover speculation it is a concern that some of our squad may worry for their future at B6 and may prefer relegation maybe PL also
    A bit cynical perhaps but let’s hope they are motivated for these last 4 games
    Hi ho silver lining UTV

  6. Good Lord No

    Man Management can turn any team around.

    Martinez, Pulis to name but two either end of the table.

    You could also mention Brendan Rodgers. Took over his team same time as Lambert, but he did have two stars. But look what he has done with the rest.

    For a manager to congratulate his players for having a brilliant game, when looking at body language of said players who know that they did not, leaves everyone asking “What game was he at?”

  7. I can’t help but laugh at some of the fans of our club. Whilst at Norwich Lambert was the one, the saviour, the man to take us forward. His man management and tactical astuteness has not changed. We fans got what we wanted, and now some are not happy. Some need a reality check – Lambert has been working with what he has, which is a lot of players that, if we are honest, are not good enough. Not all players are capable of playing attractive football. He doesn’t have the funds to attract the better class of players that are.

    Some of the players we have are out of their depth, so what use would it be for Lambert to go to the press and say they were all rubbish when it is clear those players are already low on confidence? Not every player reacts well to the hair dryer treatment. Lambert will know better than any fan what motivates the players he is working with.

    I for one think he should be given a chance. Lambaste me if you like; we are all allowed our opinion. But remember, it was only 5 games ago where we were reveling in the best record against the top 4 in the league or something similar.

  8. Man management can turn any team round? Lol! So the blues team could be man managed into the Champions League then? Listen people, you can’t polish a turd and Lambert has been forced to try due to financial restraints put on him. He knew the score when he took the job but decided he would give it a go cos it is still one of the biggest jobs in English football. Who knows what he could do if he has the shackles lifted? No one knows cos he has never been given the chance.

  9. B7AV, R u kidding? He had money only problem he wasted it. Beside that we still had a nice core of players (Guzan, Vlaar, Delph, Gabi, Benteke, Weiman, Bacuna, Albrighton…) but he wasn’t able to build around those guys. It’s hurt just to watch our team.

  10. I think Lambert should stay until the Christmas Break. If matters have not improved markedly (assuming he is given sufficient funding, support etc) then he gets the boot.

    I am one of those who cuts him slack. Imposed budget constraints, injuries and players you’d expect to come good (whom he did not sign) failing to do so. Nobody’s bitching about Weimann this year but I think he’s been dire. And Gabby (we love him) needs to go to the Championship.

  11. Since O’Neill left there have been 3 manages who have been successful at previous club, although McLeish only in Scotland. Most would say that all three have failed unequivocally. The common factor between them has been the environment which surrounds them. When you factor in the injuries, I’d say Lambert deserves at least another half season.

    Signings have produced some definite talent such as Benteke, Westwood, Kozac, Vlaar, Bacuna, Lowton and I have little doubt Okore will when his body gives him a chance.

    The best measure of a young team is often their best football. Consistency will come with maturity and the likes of Lowton will be better off having worked through a rough season. This is a team that is 3W-1D-3L vs the top 4. There has to be promise in that.

    When he arrived at the club there were two options with the resources available. Low risk-low reward: spend the money available on older players and utilise Bent, Hutton, Ireland etc as best they could and stagnate in the lower mid-table but never achieve anything of note. Or High risk-high reward: which is what he’s attempted, investing largely in young players, and try to utilise the academy. Some players will fail and some will exceed all expectations. As a team they may (and did) cop a couple poor seasons but the view is to later climb the table with a maturing group.

    If a new owner does materialise I’m hoping for the latter tactic but hopefully being able to pay 5-10mil on a player instead of 1-4mil

  12. I think with funding, Villa and Lambert could work – If we had had strength in depth this season we would be top ten. Lambert is developing and excellent young side, which – along with strengthening and funding, could go on to achieve what Villa deserve.


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