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What’s your name and where do you come from?

My name’s Fred Lucas and I come from Exhall in leafy Warwickshire.

When and how did you come to support the Villa?

In the mid 1960s my dear old dad, God bless him, took me to Villa one week and Albion the next. I fell in love with the name, ground and colours. The rest, as they say, is history.

What is your earliest memory of Villa Park?

My earliest memory involves standing on a Davenports’ Beer at Home beer crate peering through the railings at the front of the Trinity Road terrace next to the tunnel, waiting for the players to come out.

beer crate

Who is your favourite Villa player of all time?

Charlie Aitken. He has made the most appearances for Villa, played in my first game and played in the position I played in. Aitken was a one club man and gave me my first Villa autograph.

What has been your most painful moment as a Villa fan?

That would have to be missing out on being at the European Cup final.

What has been your footballing highlight of the season so far?

Without question, beating Chelsea has been the highlight.

Is Lambert tactically inept?

From what I’ve seen these last two seasons, I have to say he is tactically inept. Some of his substitutions really baffle me as do, at times, his team selections. I don’t understand why he is constantly playing Bacuna at right-back, which clearly is not his natural position and one in which he actually looks uncomfortable.

I am also baffled by his apparent reluctance to utilise the squad and give the youth – Gardner, Carruthers, Burke and Grealish – a chance.

Then there is Lambert’s apparent inabilty to have a plan B or C. Admittedly, he has financial restrictions to work around but some of his signings – Dawkins, Holt, Helenius, Tonev and Sylla – leave me with a lot to question.

I am not impressed with what seems to be his isolation of individual players – Bent, Given, Ireland, Hutton and seemingly Lowton now.

Does he motivate the players? Can he? I just dont know.

Is Lambert the man to take the club forward or should we start again next season?

Quite honestly, I dont know. I’m sorry to say that now we are two seasons into the secretive “project”, who could come in and take over? Anybody new would want to bring their own men in – backroom staff as well as players. I can’t see it happening, not with the owner’s financial restrictions as Randy Lerner has had his pockets pinched too much already. I think Paul Lambert will be taking us forward, like it or lump it.

The zombie apocalypse begins tomorrow. You can save one player from the current squad. Who would it be?

Should the zombie apocalypse occur, the one player I would save would have to be Fabian Delph. After being dogged with injury since joining us, at last, in my opinion, he is fully realising the potential he showed at Leeds. To me, the lad is by far the club’s player of the season and at times has been the only one who seems bothered and committed to the claret and blue cause.


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11 commentsOn Fred Lucas – Fan of the Fortnight

  • COLIN GALE (@cgale_825)

    zombie apocalypse does somehow sum up Delph .yes he probably will get player of the year . And like Gabby is a fans favourite , but what do either of them do to produce results ? Working hard for the team is good , but only when there is an end product ie a result . It’s easy also to blame the rest of the team & the manager because there is no result , but should they not equaly take some of the blame ? KEA gets a fair bit of stick because many can’t see what he does for the team , but yesterday was yet another match we lost when he was not playing . So maybe fans should look @ what high profile players such as Delph are not doing rather than what they are doing . And that’s not just my view as one of yesterdays match commentators remarked about Delph & how there could be an end product if he payed more attention to what & where his team mates were . Everybody loves a tryer but he tries too hard @ times & creates as many problems for the team as he creates chances .

    But he’s a fans favourite so must not be criticised , and must not be dropped ,unlike other players who after one mistake are branded useless before they have time to adjust to playing in the team

    Are Lamberts team choices unfathomable ? Not so if one considers that he has to play the fans favourites , fill gaps in the team where players are injured , and make use of the squad

    Oh & get a result !

  • What are you talking about Colin? Do you seriously think Lambert picks a team based on fans’ favourites? I think Delph has been great for us this season and that’s why he is the fans favourite. You talk about him not having an end product. What about him starting a move against Chelsea and finishing it off with a brilliant finish? He scored brilliant goals against the Baggies and Southampton. Honestly mate, what are you talking about?

  • COLIN GALE (@cgale_825)

    B7 you name 3 games but what about all the other games ? Some players can walk on water whilest others become almost instant hate figures for fans . Of course it’s not that simple , or is it ? The way some fans talk it would seem it is ,select their favourites or face their ire . But how does a manager select a team & keep the rest of the squad happy ? Gone of the days when a top team had a starting 11 & a few also rans and if Villa is to be a top team it must use the squad . But it would seem that some fans have not grasped that concept & think that all that is needed is a good starting 11 . . Which it would seem is in part why the can not understand some of Lamberts team seection

    Don’t get me wrong I can see what Delph brings to the team , but I can also see how much KEA’s absence reduces the effectiveness of the team . At times KEA , Westwood & Delph can be an effective unit in midfield , but if I can see that so can opposition managers , who can select tactics to neutralise them . But that leads on to whether there is a lack of a plan B or not . And then one has to ask what is the role of those 3 players within the team & why @ times they can be so effective & @ others not ?
    So in answer to your question I can see what Delph brings to the team but can’t see what role he plays .And despite all the good he does he still is the source of too many problems .
    And I think there’s more reasons than just selecting fans favourites after all @ this time of the season points are important & the need to use the squad less so
    But to emphasise what I mean Tonev did more in the short spell on the pitch than Weimann did all match & if just one of his shots on goal had gone in he’d have become an instant hero . But even though he came far closer to scoring than Benteke, who muffed 3 potential tap ins, some fans still call him rubbish

  • Sorry but Tonev is useless. Delph will win player of the season because he deserves to.

  • COLIN GALE (@cgale_825)

    yes Delph might win the award but that proves little , as for your assesment of Tonev I’d rather beleive the person who reccomended him to the club —- our former captain & his former International captain — Petrov

  • Let’s wait and see how he turns out then. From what I’ve seen first hand he does not impress me. He looks for a shot no matter where he is an to me that’s not a team player. I would love to be proven wrong and give Stan the credit for the spot. Like I said let’s wait and see.

  • An as for Delph if he wins player of the year it’s because the thousands who watch him every week rate him as such. Or doesn’t the opinion of all those Villa fans count for anything to you?

  • COLIN GALE (@cgale_825)

    B7 opinions can change & I remember how DOL described many Villa fans

  • Yea he called us fickle. I’m loyal to the core an could never be described as fickle. You refuse to acknowledge what Delph does for the team. Every other villa fan I know rates the kid as our best player right now. So again mate what are you talking about?

  • COLIN GALE (@cgale_825)

    @ 24 he’s hardly a kid , but after all his injuries he possibly still has room to improve . As for best player Guzan stands out by a mile but goalies don’t tend to get much credit , and without Vlaar where would Villa be this season ? But I guess some fans just have to have an idol to worship & those 2 probably don’t fit the bill !
    As for what I’m talking about ,well of course it’s what it will take for Villa to have a successfull team/squad , & I don’t see how one could be built around Delph . But then building a team around one player is never a good idea as they are snookered if that player is injured or leaves !

  • Aha we agree on something!! Yes Vlaar has been solid for us this season and I can’t wait to see how he and Okore perform together. I think Guzan is a great keeper and a fans favourite. Watching him celebrate a goal in front of the Holte is just inspiring to see. Those 3 plus Delph is something I think we can build on if we can just add 1 or 2 quality signings in the summer.

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