Absolutely Abysmal


Absolutely appalling and abysmal is how I would sum up Aston Villa’s shocking 4-1 loss to a relatively poor Stoke outfit yesterday afternoon. From the minute we scored to the minute the game finished, we were a Sunday league side rather than a Premier League team. The side lacked guidance, passion and footballing ability. The players looked totally dormant and disinterested after Stoke equalised. You cannot blame Lambert for yesterday’s showing. It is the players’ responsibility. I believe we have too many players in the side who feel they have made it when in reality Lambert has rocketed them all into the limelight. Lambert’s job is to motivate and Lambert does that. However, he has a bunch of prima donnas, with many not good enough for a local council pitch let alone Villa Park. We do seem to have a monkey on our backs in that we have not won three on the trot since 2007. The game against Stoke was the perfect opportunity to shoot that monkey down but the monkey bit back.

My criticism may be harsh but I am afraid I believe it is true. The side has punched well above its weight, in my opinion, and maybe the players needed a game like yesterday’s to show them they are far from being the next Ronaldos and Beckhams. Lambert did no wrong yesterday as the tactics were well laid out. He had the right men for the job but the squad folded. We should have pushed on, not sat back, after the first goal. Every pass Stoke picked off. Every ball Stoke won. Every effort Stoke had they seemed to convert. That is the way things go sometimes but yesterday’s defeat was down to the criminal and quite frankly disgraceful lack of effort from Guzan all the way up to Benteke. People say Delph deserves an England call-up. That was not evident from his performance yesterday. Bertrand for a permanent deal? Chelsea should keep him based on yesterday’s showing.

We need to bounce back or else our season will peter out. The game against Manchester United next Saturday is a massive one. The embarrassing performance against Stoke will be forgotten if we win but if we lose then we could be dragged right back into a relegation dog fight.

Criticism should not be aimed at Lambert. Lambert masterminded two fantastic victories in recent weeks against Chelsea and Norwich. Yesterday, the players let him down. I feel for Lambert: he gets serious stick – at times for no apparent reason. He signs the players, he picks the team and he decides the tactics but you cannot blame the manager every time something goes wrong. The manager does not put on a pair of boots or mark a defender.

It is time to regroup and refocus. The players need to take a long, hard look at themselves and realise what a mountain they still have to climb. The squad has no real depth, which was clear when Sylla came on to replace El Ahmadi yesterday. We are a side with so much potential but effort is pivotal to every game as effort is the difference between a good team and a poor one. Aston Villa fans deserve to witness better performances than yesterday’s, which was just embarrassing.


  1. Was abysmal but to absolve the manager of any blame considering we have seen similar performances V West Ham, Palace, Sheff Utd , Fulham and now Stoke twice is short sighted IMO. He also made a hash of the subs playing Sylla and Albrighton out of position and Holt for Westwood ensuring more long ball rubbish was as bad as it was predictable.
    It’s very clear we are fine when we are in matches where we can sit and counter attack and it’s equally clear we are clueless when a team arrives well organised and physically strong..
    That has been proven over a long spell of matches and IS the managers responsibility..

  2. A relativley poor Stoke side?

    You mean the one that passed you off the park and scored 4 goals in this game?

    Or how about the “relativley poor Stoke side” that sit 3 points above you over the course of the season results in the PL table?

    I would say that makes Villa ‘relativley dross’ then.

  3. I never been so upset at watching this game we we’re rip apart totally lost the plot how we beat Chelsea I don’t know
    Paul you are not out of trouble yet I for one still feel you are not a premiership manager
    It’s time for change and soon looking at the bench no passion from your back up team no skill and no idea of what to do

  4. Is this the most frustrating football team in the world to support. I for one have had enough and i will not be renewing my season ticket while Lambert is manager at my beloved club.
    I am bored watching this crap, players who seem to think they are world beaters and yet they are a very poor championship players(if that good).
    No heart no pride and no class. PL well were do you start? Clueless is a good word for this man, he has no plan b,c ,d or x. Fine against the top four teams playing counter attack football. But when we have to attack well my god how appalling are we?
    Sorry guys I’ve had it with this team and this manager,Grant Holt that sums it up for me.

  5. Moose I would like to say, spot on son. Stoke were great to watch and you deserved your win.
    Good luck for the rest of your season and would you like to swap managers plz lol.

  6. how did we beat Chelski ? We outplayed them @ footie but the team is more than a little weak in the muscle dept so in a match which was more about brawn than skill especially as the ref seemed to think that Villa’s players just needed to man up !

  7. I’ve seen Lambert get stick for absolutely anything that goes wrong and I’m sick of it. Can we stop blaming the manager every time something doesn’t go our way and start thinking of the bigger picture?

    No one is blaming Nathan Baker for letting attacker walk all over him all day. Perhaps that’s because he’s young and inexperienced. If that’s the case, then why doesn’t our young and inexperienced manager get the benefit of the doubt once in a while?

    I know Lamberts not an angel, but it makes you look very unimaginative if you blame him for everything when it goes wrong. Sorry, I know it’s not every fan and I know you often have a reason, I’m just generalising here

  8. i,m villa till i die but i must admit i am sick and tired of these clueless performances and the lack of skill in the team.
    it is rubbish to watch and very depressing.
    we did not have any ideas how to breakdown stoke and our bench also is sub standard.
    sorry but i am getting fed up of these dross home games when we can beat very good teams on our own terms.

  9. Agreed Mark. This has to be the most frustrating team we have ever had. I have seen some rubbish Villa teams (I’m thinking mid 80s) but at least we knew that and any good result was to be celebrated. But you can’t describe this team as rubbish cos we have seem some great stuff this season along with some absolute crap mostly at VP. We made Stoke look like Barcelona! Now THAT takes some doing!!!!

  10. I blame Lambert for his insistence on picking Nathan Baker at CB what the hell is going on there?? The guy is not PL standard IMO

  11. My article of the week, which will be on here from 5PM today, is all about Lambert and how he splits fan opinion like no other I have encountered in supporting AV for 36 years! These comments from Matt’s article demonstrate that.. Some think he is blameless, some think its all down to him..

  12. Of course Baker is not Prem quality and never will be in the eyes of some crappy Villa supporters who for some obscure reason think that Villa’s Trophy winning accademy players are & never will be Prem quality . But then that sums up some fans who would rather kick the team when it’s down than cheer them on to perform better . But if Baker is not played who else is there other than Clark who is equally derided or some player we do not have ?

  13. We can’t blame Lambert for everything? Perhaps not, but he should take most of the responsibility for what happens on the pitch.

    He has signed 15 players, enough for a whole team and almost a bench full. But, the quality of the majority of those players, is questionable. Must mention the unbelievable bringing in of his mate Grant Holt on loan, incompetence in the extreme by the manager. So I blame him for assembling a weak squad.

    Consistency is seriously lacking under Lambert. The reason could be down to the lack of quality and experience in his squad. The inexperienced ones seem to be able to raise their game for top sides, but fail miserably to do the same for run of the mill sides, and even lower league teams, where they disgrace themselves in cup defeats. I blame Lambert for that.

    The players themselves are not blameless, they fold under pressure, and seem clueless, then resort to kicking the opposition in frustration at their own failures.

    A new manager needs to be brought in at the end of the season, a clear out of the players with quality brought in, because the ” project” is just not working. But this wont happen because PL will get a new contract and we’ll be stuck with him for another 3 years of dross. UTV

  14. “then resort to kicking the opposition in frustration” wouldn’t you if if your opponents were taking advantage of your inexperience to give you a battering with the conivence of the ref
    But yes let’s get rid of Lambert & the squad which has given a little more time the potential to be a top side , and start again next season with a new manager & squad ! Or should we ? But where is the money going to come from to pay off Lambert & all those he has brought to the club , AND buy a new squad capable of producing the instant success that some fans crave, neigh demand that Villa should have
    Anybody got a money tree ? because one of the fabled money treees is the only way that dream might come true


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