Players relax in Portugal


In the last few days I’ve seen a lot of people on social networking sites and forums kicking up a big old fuss about the squad’s trip to Portugal. Many of the comments I’ve read from fans regarding the players trip have been negative. I wish I had a pound for every time I’ve read that “the players don’t deserve a holiday”.

Personally, I have no issue with the squad taking some time out and relaxing, although some seem to be overlooking the fact that Lambert has taken his players away for warm weather training. I think that there are a number of benefits of the group spending some time together abroad.

With the Villans out of the FA Cup and with no internationals scheduled, this is the first real time that this group of players (including January signings) have all had a chance to spend some time together outside of their working environment. I think the players can gain a lot from this experience: they’ll get to know each other and it could give the team a massive boost as a break will give them a great chance to rest and recover and come back full of energy for the final third of the season.

While they’ve been away the players have been uploading pictures and videos to Instagram. One that caught my eye was a video that Sylla uploaded. The video shows players riding buggies across sand dunes. Some of the responses to this video from fans were, in my opinion, beyond ridiculous. Fans were saying that the activity was irresponsible and were asking what would happen if the players got hurt.

The players are grown men, for crying out loud! You can clearly see that they are wearing seatbelts and safety helmets. They’re also not travelling at ridiculous speeds. If it wasn’t safe, I doubt the coaching staff would have let them do it.

Seriously, let the players have their fun and hopefully we will see them come back refreshed for the last stage of the season.


  1. A good read John and it is an article that I fully agree with.

    A lot has been made of this trip but people need to realize that despite being footballers they are just people and also need some downtime like the rest of us.

    I am not sticking up for them because I will hold my hands up and say that I am not a massive Lambert fan and have been disappointed by some of the very poor displays on show this season.

    We must also remember that everyside who has been knocked out of the FA Cup have spent a few days away like Stoke heading to Dubai. At least the lads are in Europe so the timezones wont effect them as much as other sides.

    I will say though – People will bring this all back up should we not put in a shift the weekend against Newcastle.

  2. the proof in the pudding will be revealed on sunday with the result and performance at Newcastle I would have sent them to Siberia for there home performance this season overpaid and useless.

  3. I don’t give a crap where they take them so long as it works. Remember the trip to the Caribbean when they found Dwight York?

  4. There’s one thing you have to realise when dealing with the opinions of fans. Their views were made up a long time ago. There are a few rationalists, sometimes enough to stop these people, but mostly there are headless chickens. If they think things are going round they cluck about calling everything the worst thing that has ever happened ever. Any tiny event is just another nail in the coffin, even when it is going go karting in Portugal. The way I think about them are the idiots running around the Titanic because it is sinking. Either try to get the women and children to the lifeboats or go find a bottle of whisky and enjoy sinking, don’t run around gabbling and panicking you are just putting everyone else off what they have to do. In this case it is remain positive and give the team the home advantage by spurring them on not booing them into their shells.


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