Lerner Coughing Up The Cash‏


Recently, there have been reports of Lambert being offered a new contract. Along with his alleged new contract, Lambert would apparently be receiving big funds for summer spending. 

I’m pleased to hear this, despite knowing it may very well just be another baseless rumour. If Lambert is to receive a new deal and get a bit of cash to spend, this makes me wonder where the money was in January. If Lerner’s offering money to Lambert for the summer, why couldn’t he have provided our manager with some money last month? 

It seemed clear that we were going to try to bring in a creative midfielder on a permanent deal in January. Sadly, in spite of many positive rumours, the only midfield player we really chased was Wes Hoolahan, with a mere £1 million bid. As I’m sure you all know only too well, the bid was rejected and we ended up bringing in no players other than the two loan signings, Holt and Bertrand. 

Some have said that Norwich just didn’t want to sell Hoolahan to Villa, which is a fair comment to make. However, I can’t help but think that if we’d bid a bit more then they would have budged and sold the out of favour midfielder. 

The question is, why didn’t we? If Lerner is allowing Lambert to splash the cash this summer why didn’t he give him a bit more money in January to get the creative player that we so desperately need in the middle of the park?

The home fixture against West Ham at the weekend provided more evidence, not that any was needed, of how much we lack a spark in that position as Lambert’s Lions created very little until Marc Albrighton came on and put in a great shift. 

I just hope that the gamble involved in waiting for the summer to get a marquee signing pays off and that we don’t suffer because of that strange decision.


  1. Why !Oh why ! don’t Villa conduct their business in public view then all & sundry would know why Villa have not , can’t buy the players that are needed . It certainly would show why despite mesages from the club that they did try to bring in players other than Hoolhan some fans think money was not available . But the Villa way is to do their business in private as that way only those involved on both sides of a deal know what money is on offer and prices are agreed that are acceptable rather than over inflated deals based on what might be available . The January window is also difficult as many clubs want to see out the season without changing personel except when it also suits their needs . But yes there are a few including those nearing the end of their contracts upon whom clubs would rather cash in than face losing them for free in the summer
    So would putting more dosh in the kitty acheived a result ? Probably not if one remembers that wages are an issue & that some of the players on offer may well have been wanting wages that would be significantly higher than what the club was prepared to pay , and which may well have upset the dressing rooom !

  2. Rumours were we were looking to bid 10 mill on another midfield player -who is anybods guess though.You have got to rember that Marquee signings at villa are going to be few and far between for a number of reasons.1 being our Championship wages on offer 2 we have no european football to offer of any kind,3 the potential of winning anything at villa is very low.If we are to attract the type of players to get us back up the table again we need to pay top premier league wages ,look what happened when MON was doing that and has us where we are today..unless Lerner is ready to subsidise that again I think we may forget big signings.

  3. Wages in the prem are higher though, than many of the Continental leagues , Also there are players who might be tempted by the idea of playing in the Prem . And if wages alone was a stubbling block why have Villa been able to recruit all the International players it has ?

  4. What concerns most sensible supporters is why we are even talking about a new contract for Lambert when his current deal has 18 months to run. The Liverpool manager is in a similar position with his contract and his team are pushing for a top four place and could finish higher and yet his employers are leaving any new deal until the season ends. They could be in the Champions League we could be in the Championship so why even think about a new deal for Lambert. Lets see where we are in 3 months when the season ends. Faulkner and Lerner should wait and see.

  5. the new contract for Lambert is a statement of intent ! With all the talk of Lerner selling up & calls for Lambert to be replaced something needed to be done to show that Lerner is backing Lambert even if the rumour mongers suggest otherwise !


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