Are Sky Sports Killing Football’s Soul‏?


Upon returning from work last night, I was greeted by the news that Sky Sports had moved all of Aston Villa’s fixtures in March excluding Manchester City away for broadcasting purposes, with Villa’s three home fixtures now set to be played on Sundays. The Manchester City fixture also looks set to change due to City’s cup run.

For a lot of football fans who may not be able to afford to go to games often, watching Villa live on Sky Sports is the next best thing to attending games. However, fans who regularly make journeys up and down the country, watching their team home and away, paying a small fortune week in, week out on tickets and travel costs as well as the cost of food and drinks along with memorabilia such as match day programmes, are being milked dry.

It’s not just about money. The only way that Sky’s scheduling really affects what is in my back pocket is in the travel costs incurred when games are rescheduled. However, Sky, by moving fixtures around, are effectively stopping fans from supporting their teams, which is not fair at all. A prime example of this was seen towards the start of last season when Sky Sports moved Southampton’s home fixture against Everton to a Monday night slot. This was an absolute joke: for Everton fans to be expected to travel that far on a Monday night just beggars belief. The match was rescheduled so that Sky could have a few more viewers on a Monday night and add to an already very healthy bank balance. The reason I remember this fixture is that a Sky reporter was outside the ground trying to talk to fans in the build-up to kick-off. The reporter stopped an Everton fan and asked, “What made you travel all the way down to Southampton on a cold Monday night?” The Everton fan comically replied, “Because of you bloody lot!”

This sums up the state of modern day football in England and I for one am fed up with dedicated fans being walked all over.

What happened to 3p.m. on a Saturday, eh?


  1. This is why I’m no longer a season ticket holder, I live over 200 miles away, and games on sunday at 4pm /monday at 8pm are no longer available because of work, so would be a waste of money for me.

  2. Spot on John. It doesn’t really affect me for home games as I can see VP from my bedroom! But I do hate Sundays/ Mondays matches as it ruins the social side of things which for me is a big deal. I hate what football has become due to sky’s wonga but I see no way of reversing it because greed has become THE dominant part of modern football. I genuinely feel for the guys who I regularly speak to at home games who make it no matter what the kick off times/days are who come from all over the country. How about free travel with your match ticket on match days like in Germany? Oh wait I forgot. German football isn’t run by Sky and greed isn’t the driving force in German football.

  3. It’s an absolute joke and part of the reason why I didn’t renew my season ticket this year. We seemed to be on sky for the majority of home games and very rarely away from home last season.
    I work Mon-Fri and my girlfriend works Saturday and so Sunday and Saturday evenings are the only time I can spend with my family. Did not one single person at Sky Sports look at their selections and realise they are moving all of our home games?
    Who’s going to Watch Villa v Stoke anyway? Always the worst game of the season!

  4. It’s really disrespectful of them to do this to the supporters of football. How have Sky gotten so much power that they’re moving games and schedules around in the highest level of English football? How about the F.A decided when games will be played and television rights can work around them.

    German football is a great example as the German F.A always do the best for the supporters without hindering the league or national team.

  5. At least you get to see the games.In the States FOX showed every game now its NBC sports who only show one live game the others you get through there “Free” Extra sports which only works via your computer if your lucky or when you buy there gadgets for picture quality. Which still does not work.


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