Grant Holt – The New Number 29


This week is was confirmed that 32 year old Grant Holt will be coming to Villa Park on a loan deal for the rest of the season and today it was announced that he would be claiming the number 29 shirt. The Wigan striker isn’t a stranger to Lambert having worked with him at Norwich and it’s good to see Villa bringing in a forward to try and boost our terrible ‘goals for’ statistics.

It’s also nice to see Randy Lerner spending some money, although he may want to flog some of his stuff on musicMagpie next time so we can buy someone rather than loan them.

Wigan’s manager Uwe Rosler has spoken to the press and said that Lambert managed to get the best out of Holt during his time at Norwich so fingers crossed he’ll do the same again for him over the next few months. Holt himself could do with the boost too – he’s only scored twice this season for the current holders of the FA Cup.

Whether Holt proves to be a good signing or not, only time will tell. However, as all good football fans do when a new signing comes in, we thought we’d boot up our copy of FIFA 14 and have a look at what his statistics are like on there – because everyone knows that the people at EA Sports are the world’s best talent scouts.

So, the people at FIFA think that Grant Holt (74 rating overall) is…

A tough forward, getting an 85 rating for both strength and aggression;
A good header of the ball, getting an 86 for jumping and an 82 for heading accuracy;
A good finisher too, with a shot power of 82 and a finishing rating of 80.

This sounds like pretty good news so far as the likes of Kozak and Tonev haven’t produced the results we’d have liked to have seen up front. However, it isn’t all good news from the people at EA Sports, as they also think that Grant Holt…

Will fall over a lot, with a rating of 62 for balance;
May see a card if he decides to go for a sliding tackle, as with a 21 rating he isn’t the best at it;
Isn’t the fastest player to grace the Villa team sheet with 53 acceleration and 54 sprint speed.

So, it’s good news and bad news for Villa fans when it comes to the signing of Grant Holt according to the developers of FIFA 14. If they’re right (which they usually are), he could bury a few balls in the back of the net which is exactly what Villa need right now and if they’re wrong, flog your copy of the game here and never listen to them again.


Article by Ben Anderson.


  1. I can see the Holt logic as cover and await some real front line signings on top of this but do feel the money situation sounds a little close to how companies behave in a bankruptcy situation and hope this is not the case with our parent company in USA.?

    The extraordinary lack of money is unsettling and the current team is the weakest I have ever seen and really cannot see any point in attending Villa Park anymore, no chance of excitement or glory anymore- whats in it for me ?

    The hapless Faulkner and Lambert draw huge salaries so they have a reason to carry on serving up this drivel week in week out, Randy is the owner but the supporters are being taken for complete fools. I regret saying this but the only way ahead is to BOYCOTT the club ie not attend games or buy merchandise and we must do this is an organised way now, its just idiotic turning up at Villa Park anymore.

    Is anyone else out there interested in putting this Boycott together formally ? It needs to be done properly if these imbeciles are to be stopped killing our great club.

    lets do something other than moan


  2. @Steve – how about supporting the boys through thick and thin to give them that bit of extra confidence on the pitch that might turn things around?

  3. lambert took on a massive job that no one wanted he has got all the deadwood out on massive wages and spent pennies on replacements.After four years of fergie buying top players the fans were demonstrating to get him out, bet the board are glad they gave him time now.get behind the club

  4. Paul Faulkner said, “I think one of the key measures that we look at is there’s very clear definite progress from last year, certainly in terms of where we were sat this time last year in the league and points-wise.”

    That just suns up how out of touch with reality the management at Villa Park are.

  5. Paul Faulkner said, “I think one of the key measures that we look at is there’s very clear definite progress from last year, certainly in terms of where we were sat this time last year in the league and points-wise.”

    That just suns up how out of touch with reality the management at Villa Park are.


  6. He comes in on a short term loan deal initially, so I have no problem whatsoever with his arrival. Good Luck to him.

    We cant be sure exactly what he will bring to the table, but the odds are that he will be more prolific in front of goal than either Andi or Gabby have been in the first half of the season.

    I see no reason to knock the acquisition, nor will I. Who knows, his goals might just provide the points that keep us in the premier league come May 11th.

  7. CJ/Paul this has gone way,way beyond thick and thin and it maybe hard to motivate largely first division players to rise to any heights in the PL, you are being taken for a fool sir/s, wake up and smell the coffee !


  8. Whereas I was for sacking Lambert, the fac that Lerner & Faulkner mad ea decision not to I respect! I can see no reason why certain fans suggest boycotting the club and going on Strike or whatever. That is just behaving like and overgrown schoolkid and we do not need that type as supporters of our great club, but rather Supporters who support the team through thick and thin!

    Whilst I prefer to remain in the Premier League I have never liked the PL as it was money that ruined in Football. I would much sooner win the FA Cup or even League Cup that the Premier League anyway than finish 2nd 3rd or 4th in the Premier irrespective of that it doe sin terms of European Qualification. ! would like to turn the clock back to the days of Peter McParland, Gary Shaw, Platt, Cowans and other great players. Modern players are selfish and greedy and m ost of them have not grown up!

    Aston Villa are the greatest Team in the World, always have been and always will be and they also founded the Football League and most of these other clubs were not even in nappies.



  9. good signing to cover for a player who will be back, holt is just holding his place until the season ends. A big money replacement would have resulted in pushing out weiman, kosak, or helienus.
    at Norwich, he scored almost 1 goal every 2 games, 0.46 acording to wikipeadias stat of 68 goals in 3 seasons, 2 of which was priemier league, also a bit of experience. Helenius by the way with 40 goals in 102 is a great stat to have on your bench, with benkekes form turning around and weiman putting in a game changing shift the other night, gabby is always on form, i dont think forward players are a problem. one good creative midfielder to replace el ahamadi and villa could aim for a top 8, which could be europa league this year

  10. Steve09, I have to say that this is indeed the weakest Villa team/squad since the 1986-87 season when we last lost our top flight status. Before that you have to go back to the mid-sixties to find such a poor collection of footballers.

    Few can argue about your concerns, and yes, the lack of money being afforded the manager by the Villa Park hierarchy is both baffling and extremely worrying.

    Our reluctance to compete in the transfer market and pay the remuneration packages being demanded by premier league quality footballers leaves us in a precarious situation. We are being left behind.

    That there is little ambition, leadership or direction being shown by our owner and his cohorts has to be of serious concern to all of the claret and blue persuasion.

    So while I, and indeed I would imagine, many Villans agree with your frustrations, surely boycotting the club is not the way to bring about change?

    If we had boycotted the club in the dark days of the late sixties/early seventies, then maybe there wouldn’t be an Aston Villa Football Club for us to support today.

  11. I hear you steve09 but now is not the time unless a rich new owner is waiting in the wings. As for Grant Holt I think he is the right man at the moment with the situation as it stands. I’m pretty sure PL would rather go an get a top European striker but he has no choice but to look in the bargain basement at the moment. Anyway good luck to Grant Holt hope he bags a few for us while he’s here.

  12. Don’t really see what Holt brings to the party but then he’s just cover and he’s on loan so who cares. At least PL isn’t buying an average player as injury cover who will then just lay for the reserves till his contract runs out.

    For those of you bemoaning the lack of signings. Remember one thing, another club has to be willing to sell a player so we can buy them. There’s no point in buy rubbish just to buy something.


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