Thoughts on the Grant Holt loan deal


Grant Holt is now an Aston Villa player and this loan signing has provoked a mixed reaction from the Villa faithful. I don’t see his addition to the squad being a problem and can completely understand why we sealed this deal. Nevertheless, I also understand the negative reaction from some supporters.

I appreciate that this isn’t a signing to set pules racing: signing someone who isn’t playing for a Championship Wigan side isn’t very exciting. Does it show how far we’ve fallen? I think not as it’s a stop gap loan signing that I believe should have more positives than negatives for us.

As Libor Kozak is out for the season, Grant Holt is, essentially, a direct replacement for Kozak for the remainder of the season. In this respect, there is nothing for anyone to get worked up about.

Holt could also have a lot to offer the claret and blue dressing room. Experience? Check. Holt has been around the block, having played in all of the top divisions in England. Not only is he experienced (and experience is something our squad really lacks), he is a leader and was Norwich City’s captain for a number of years. Leaders are definitely something we need more of. Holt won’t tolerate people not putting in the work on the pitch and he appears to be a very vocal character during games as well. These attributes are ones that the fans and the team have been crying out for.

Another factor is that Grant Holt will give the side a bit of fire and a bit of nastiness. Going through the squad, Chris Herd is the only one who I would describe as being nasty on the pitch. Grant Holt definitely has some fire in his belly. He’s the kind of player who opposition fans really dislike and the type who really riles people. However, if he plays for your team you love him because, like Bellamy or Wilshere, he winds people up.

Lambert knows him so perhaps Lambert can still get the best out of him. I have heard it said by Norwich fans that there are two Grant Holts – the one who plays under Lambert and the one who plays under anyone else. It seems the one who plays under our manager is the better player. It wasn’t that long ago that he scored fifteen Premier League goals in one season under Lambert.

I don’t think things have worked out for Holt at Wigan and sometimes that happens – certain players just don’t fit in at certain clubs. I would’t let his Wigan career lead you to write him off.

At the end of the day, it’s a short term loan to cover an injury. Therefore, I don’t see there being many drawbacks to this signing at all. If Holt scores just one important goal in his time with us this season then the move will have been worthwhile. He will back up Benteke and play with him on occasion.

Let’s not write Holt off before he has even kicked a ball for Villa. Hopefully, others will be joining him in the coming weeks as Lambert looks to strengthen his squad.

Let me know what you think about the Holt deal by commenting below.



  1. Agree with the author 100%. No problem with this loan deal, as long as it is not the only one! Lambert has indicated it won’t be. Buy Hoolahan or/and Defour plus a central defender on loan and I would think we have had a good window. Another left back would be an improvement unless Bennett shows a great improvement on his comeback. Naughton ? Good player, but predominantly right footed.

  2. I think you hit the spot with your article. My thoughts almost exactly. One thing. We do have at least one nasty player in our team already. Yes, Gabriel Agbonlahor. He can be and is a very bad boy, more or less. Recently I think, more. Which is good.
    And what comes to Holt, I sincerely wish, that The One Who Plays Under Lambert shows up and makes impact. As you said, one important goal is enough to justify his loan deal.
    If he doesn´t click, those who moan about this were right, if he does click, it´s good to Aston Villa. Don´t really see, how this deal could be something negative to us ?

  3. Hope he does well for you, genuinely, but this is good business by Rosler for Wigan, a loan offer Holt couldn’t refuse and the chance of a better price in summer for us. We saw no “fire in his belly” probably because it was already full! With a huge dollop of luck we will see you next season, us in the prem not you in the championship!!


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