Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert stands on the brink of letting his Villa Park project be reduced to failure. After a run of four defeats and a draw before yesterday’s narrow victory at The Stadium of Light, fans’ patience has been pushed to the limit. Poor performances have been an all too familiar criticism of the Villa team this season, with the victories over Manchester City and Southampton in particular being down to luck rather than good judgement.

However, there were some signs of improvement in the win at Sunderland, with a better quality of performance being displayed in the second half of the game.

Now, with the winter transfer window open, Lambert can improve the squad and therefore improve the team’s prospects for the second half of the season. As it stands, we are firmly in mid table with a much improved goal difference on the teams in and around the relegation places. We are more than capable of steering clear of a nerve-jangling relegation fight. Nevertheless, I do feel that reinforcements will be needed.

It was interesting to see Lambert quoted in the media this week referring to the fact that Villa could do with a couple more experienced heads in the team – quite a change to his previous philosophy of targeting young players with something to prove.

It’s going to be intriguing to see who, if anyone, the manager brings in. Obviously, the main problem with bringing in more experienced players is that they tend to cost more in terms of transfer fees and wages, something that Randy Lerner and Paul Lambert have been trying to avoid over the first eighteen months of Lambert’s reign.

As we saw under Martin O’Neill and Gerard Houllier, bringing in experienced players for big money doesn’t guarantee success. That said, I feel that we do have a good squad of young players who just need a bit of help and know how.

As I said earlier in the article, patience with Lambert is wearing thin and although I would be extremely shocked if Lerner were to sack the Glaswegian, the atmosphere at Villa Park and fan pressure wouldn’t be pleasant.

If Lambert and Lerner manage to bring in a couple of players who can help the squad to improve performances and if the team continues to pick up points then we still see a very positive second half to the season.

Over to you, Paul!


  1. Lambert is safe as houses. I gave him my full support on twitter before sunderland and even more now.
    I agree its a crucial month though because the team has shown with a few injuries we look hopeless.
    Move to experience is a new direction but a wise one given damage done when vlaar is out. Great seeing gabby captain villa, a future legend, but says it all that he is skippering us.
    Lambo is safe but this month is vital to the outcome of our season and lambert’s job may hinge on it if it goes tits up.

  2. Well at last he did the right thing an played Lowton at rb with a wide player in front of him. But why did it take him so long to do something that the fans have been calling for for weeks an weeks?? I don’t like Weiman out wide an he is clearly not happy playing there. His natural position is striker either play him there or bench him. I would rather have him an gabby competing with Tekkers for the front spots an play proper wide players to give them the supply. It’s not rocket surgery!!

  3. I would like to see a proper wide man to come in this January. Not only that, but a left footed one too. My reasoning for this would be that when things start to go a bit shaky (like recently due to injuries), we can have the option to fall back to a 4-4-2 tactic with Benteke and someone else (possibly Weimann or Gabby), and Albrighton and another winger out wide to supple them. I know this isn’t Lamberts way, and it may not be the most creative way to play, but it’s a good fall back option in my opinion.

    Lambert has to stay. I cant think of anyone else right now that is in a better position to take the club forward.

  4. I will be surprised if Lambert gets the sack. When he joined I thought he would bring something to the table, at the beginning it looked good but it looks like he has caved in to follow whatever Randy Lerner tells him to do. Lerner will stick by Lambert because he is doing whatever Randy wants him to do. I am gradually losing faith in the Lambert 5 year project/plan. Is it him or the players? Are the players following his instructions or are they simply not good enough to put them into place? He still has a lot of support from the Villa fans, but I think unless he buys wisely in January they will gradually lose faith. Midfield and Defence Mr Lambert that is the area to look at. 50,000 Villa fans can’t be wrong. If we can see it, why can’t you.


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