A Sky Lounge Perspective – Villa vs. United


Last Sunday, I viewed Villa versus United from a different perspective than the everyday fan, having had the privilege of being a spectator in Villa Park’s Sky Lounge.

Surrounded by state-of-the-art facilities, extensive built-in audio-visual options, a private bar and much, much more, I certainly felt like Christmas had come early.

With the tickets costing in excess of £1,000 for four of us, I had very high hopes.

I have had a tour around Villa Park in the past but it was quite some time ago, so I had forgotten what Villa’s hospitality looked until I stepped through the doors.

The interior was superb and the service excellent. I felt very welcome by everyone.

When we entered the Sky Lounge, which holds approximately sixty people, the atmosphere was vibrant.

Lee Hendrie arrived as he prepared to answer questions, explaining that he was only able to come to Villa Park after his game against a team of seven year olds was cancelled due to bad weather! Hendrie went on to explain his delight in watching Fabian Delph this season, stating that he “would have loved to have played alongside him.” He added his disappointment in performances from the likes of Benteke and Weimann and also said he has been impressed with Ron Vlaar’s solidity so far this season. Hendrie’s final question was “What do think the score will be this afternoon?” He opted for 2-1 to the famous Aston Villa.

Having enjoyed an excess of San Miguel and lamb casserole, it was time for kick-off and we made our way to our seats. I was starting to believe that I could do this every home game.

However, after sitting through ninety minutes or more of sheer embarrassment due to the dismal display that was produced on the pitch by Villa, I was back in the real world.

Villa just got it all wrong. I marked it as one of the worst performances since Chelsea smashed eight against us at Stamford Bridge. It was utterly poor.

The defence is something that really concerns me. There is just something that is not right about it – and it has been a problem for a few years now. Lambert desperately needs to find a solution if we want to prevent a repeat of the humiliation suffered on Sunday.

Shortly after the game, we decided to enter the 1874 Suite, where we briefly saw Marc Albrighton, rocking his Harvey Nichols suit, and managed to congratulate him for his effort. I believe that he was our best player by a mile; he looked like a new signing.

Albrighton is clearly desperate for a new deal at Villa and his performance certainly showed his desire and commitment to the club. Having been critical of Albrighton in the past, I desperately hope this continues.

Overall, I believe that Aston Villa’s hospitality is second-to-none. It was an experience that I thoroughly enjoyed and I will certainly be dropping hints about a return visit to the Sky Lounge before long,

Here’s to three points again Stoke.


  1. “I believe that Aston Villa’s hospitality is second-to-none.”

    Unfortunately, I think David Moyes would have to agree with you!


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